Display Ad Reviews

Analysis of An Exceptional Google Display Ad to Inspire Your Next Campaign

This article will discuss an excellent display ad that can inspire advertisers to make their next campaign successful.

What Makes A Display Ad Outperform?

A digital ad can help a brand get a competitive advantage. But the question is: “What makes a display ad outperform?”

Brand Strategy: An Analysis of an Ad Attacking the Competing Brand

This article will analyze an ad that uses the comparative advertising strategy to attack its competitor brand.

Analysis of an Ad: Emotional Marketing Done Right or Not?

In this article, we will analyze an ad mainly through the aspect of emotional marketing.

Six Proven Ways to Make Your Display Ad Successful

This article will talk about six proven ways that can make a digital display ad successful with the help and reference of a display ad I recently came across.

Factors to Determine Whether a Display Ad Is Good Enough Or Not?

In this article, I’ll talk about those key factors which help determine whether a display ad is good enough or not with a detailed analysis of a specific display ad.

How Can A Digital Display Ad Go Wrong?

A digital display ad is the most vital tool that can help your business target your audience, get a higher ROI, and create brand awareness. If you don’t do it right, you will lose a lot of golden opportunities that can help your business grow.

Ad Analysis: When A Display Ad Ticks A Few Boxes

It’s often challenging to craft a perfect display ad, especially since there are so many of them out there today. However, few brands manage to get it right by sticking to the basics. Let’s discuss a near-perfect display ad here.

What Makes A Display Ad Click-Worthy?

Display ads are being used worldwide to increase brand awareness among people to get more traffic. However, if a display ad is not done properly, it won’t be able to serve its purpose. The marketers need to execute the display ad effectively to make the most out of it. The question that usually pops up in everyone’s mind is “What makes a display ad click-worthy?”.

What are the Key Elements of Successful Advertising?

To make your ad effective, you should know how to reach potential customers and incite them to use your products or services. There is not one single rule that can help serve the purpose of an ad. Instead, the more factors you try to incorporate into your ad, the better the chances are that you will be able to make a successful ad.

Ad Reviews: How A Display Ad Hits (Nearly) All The Right Notes

It’s not always easy to find a display ad that’s both intriguing and effective at putting its point across. Since we found one such ad today, we decided to review it for you here. Happy reading!