The Philosophy of Marketing

How Marketers Can Bloom Despite Continuous Changes?

In this article, we will discuss how marketers can tackle the current changes and still manage to grow their businesses.

Where Has Media Talent Gone Wrong in the Industry?

This article will discuss how media talent is getting worse in different areas of the industry with the help of a study and statistics to solidify the statement.

It’s Official: The Exact Match Conference Is Happening!

The PPC Club 83 community, over the last few years, has become such a wonderful space, with such constant conversations of high-quality, trusted people that we just enjoy discussing PPC & non-PPC issues as well as our weekly Alcohol & Advertising, that... We decided to have a conference! And to go all out: in an exotic location for maximal focus and a wonderful experience.

Are Typos In Ads Intentional?

If you’ve come across an ad while browsing the internet that features a glaringly obvious spelling mistake, your immediate instinct might be to check which brand the ad is from. And why shouldn’t you? An error as basic as a typo is not to be expected from reputed brands that spend a good chunk of their revenue on advertising expenditure each year.

This Week in Online Advertising Data (August 28st, 2020): Google & FB’s share of ad market on the way down

Let's jump into this week's online advertising data.

Typos in ads: Incompetence or Strategic?

Here's what I used to think long, long ago, before I dipped my toes into the real-world: When I see something stupid that means that someone, somewhere, made a stupid decision. That feels like common sense, almost even tautological. If it is stupid, then someone did something stupid. Oh, if only I lived in a world that simple!

Consilience in Marketing, Online and Offline

Consilience is one of the great useful concepts from the modern approach to science. What it boils down to is: evidence of something from unrelated sources makes something more likely to be true than evidence from related sources.