Why Deep Dive Into
Display Ads?

Display and Programmatic ads are often given second-place consideration by PPCs and online advertisers. Oh yeah, let’s do that, too.

But when wielded cleverly, they can be amazingly powerful. And of course amazingly profitable.

Online, lots of sites dive into Google Ads and analyze every little movement in the PPC space.

But Display and Programmatic ads, continuing to still be neglected, don’t get the Tender Love & Care they need from the the online Thinkers & online Linkers.

We’re here trying to solve this problem, one article at a time by, well, deep diving into display and programmatic ads, starting with Adwords and onwards and upwards.

Our vision here at Display Ads Deep Dive is to dive into display and programmatic ads from lots of different angles. From creative to targeting. From more analytic to more subjective. From case studies to anecdotes based on our experiences. From news and Google’s latest announcements, to what other providers in the ecosystem are doing.

And, just for fun, we’ll sometimes throw in interesting and unique marketing anecdotes and lessons we’ve learned that may occasionally stray from our display and programmatic focus. But that should be well under 5% of all the articles.

Want to write for us? Or want to know more? Just read the site, or chat with us. We love talking to anyone who is excited about our mission.