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Morgan is the sort of guy that says, “Okay, so the right target market like this is Brazil, so I’m now going to go learn Portuguese and move to Sao Paulo for as long as it takes to make it happen.”

Unicorn Developer

Zsolt Maslanyi

Zsolt is the sort of developer that announces, “Okay, you’ve never heard of Elixir, but it’s the right language for this project–it was built just for our needs–despite the fact that I’ll need to learn it from scratch. But I will, quickly, and it will be fun.”

Fernanda B. Bio
Professional Inquirer

Fernanda Brizuela

Fernanda is the type of person who says, “It’s really important to share these news…but I don’t know much about the topic. Let me dive in and learn more about it, it will be interesting and fun to write about something new!”

PPC Analyst

Eve Ihasz

Eve is the type of person who never stopping learning no matter what. Deep diving into lots of fields until she becomes an expert–like with running Google Ad campaigns. “Learning new things is always an adventure and I’d never say no for a good one,” she likes to say.


Lyudmil Ivanov

Lyudmil is the sort of guy that somehow, when everyone thinks he’s doing extreme sports, manages to turn pizza and coffee into elegant software.


Rowan V

Rowan is the type of guy who will do design morning, evening, and night… and love every minute of it. And with a huge smile on his face!

PPC Analyst

Mora F

Mora is a PPC Analyst at Hellbent Digital at work, and a theater nerd when not at work. And it turns out understanding theater—that is, how to put on compelling live shows that engage the audience—is a very useful skill for understanding digital marketing.

Marketing Project Manager


Marta has a deep love of lists, being organized, and being on top of everything that needs to be on top of. The root of all evil, she says, is things slipping through your fingers accidentally. Well, that, and people behaving in an evil way.



Marina’s love of theater knows no bounds. She performs in various languages, various genres, and sometimes suspects that existence itself is merely a performance.