How to Prevent Digital Ad Fraud Loss?

Digital media is suffering because of the increase in ad fraud worldwide. It affects both the advertisers and consumers of digital media content. Advertisers suffer from ad fraud losses because their ads don’t reach the right target audience at the right time. This way, the lack of awareness affects the leads, traffic, and sales that a business wants to generate to get a high revenue at the end of the day.

How Can We Establish Digital Trust in Social Commerce?

Social media is not only a communication tool to connect with people or organizations, it is also influencing the buying behavior of consumers all around the world. It is difficult to pinpoint how and when this change happened because it is a continuous process of evolution. It’s not like that we woke up one morning and everyone started making purchases online through social media platforms.  

The complete disclosure of Google’s antitrust filing

For a while now, the entire tech world has been holding on to its seats and trying to stay as updated as possible with whatever is going on with Google’s antitrust and court problems. But the thing is, sadly none of us are lawyers, so we really are having a lot of trouble with comprehending what is really happening there, and which is the most likely outcome to happen. But lucky for us someone in the Twitter universe did. 

How Gender Identity Can Influence A Display Ad Campaign

It's no secret that Google has been using Data Analytics to target users based on the gender they identify with for years now. The demographic reports Google provides you with to track the gender of your audience may be a useful feature, but have you ever wondered what makes it work in the first place? Well, I'm here to discuss exactly that. A lot more than that but we'll get into those details shortly.

Facebook’s inflated metrics: Betrayal or misunderstanding?

I’d love that the headline of this article meant something like Facebook Ads’ touch to optimize your campaign and get you more conversions, but it doesn’t. Today’s story includes everything that a good drama needs: Secrets, betrayal, third parties, and obviously a huge lawsuit. According to this article, Facebook has been, not only hiding but also lying about much more than we’d let them get away with. 

When launching an Ad or removing it doesn’t make any difference

So the other day I was reading Dr. Augustine Fou’s awesome article where he analyses the impact that it had on a few brands to stop some Ad Campaigns they were running, and by some, I mean thousands of them. The shocking thing here was that when these brands, and I’m not talking about a local ice cream brand, but about big brands like P&G, Chase or Uber, stopped showing their Ads on over 1,000 websites the impact on their conversion rates was of absolute zero. No impact at all. 

PPC Protect Tool Review: The New Way of Click Fraud Protection

Today we are going to take a closer look at one software that claims to use some machine learning in their process. Let me introduce today’s click fraud protection tool: PPC Protect!

‘Click Cease’ Tool Review: Is There An Effective Cure For Click Fraud?

Click fraud. A problem that annoys every marketer in Programmatic Advertising.

The Countless Types of Ad Fraud

Today I am going to share with you as many types of ad fraud as possible. If we can recognize our enemy, we are already one step ahead. You know what they say, better the devil you do know than the devil you don’t!

Key Insights learned from Dr Augustine Fou on Fraudvertising

Today we’re going to talk about fake websites. I read an interesting article written by Dr. Augustine Fou on Forbes. He has over 25 years of experience as a digital marketer and now audits campaigns for fraud.

Why Are So Many Placements Coming From Random Sites That Get So Little Traffic?

More often than not, you find yourself staring at placements from random sites with domains such as “” and wonder, “how is this site sending me so much traffic?".