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PPC Meme Fun: On Google’s activity tracking updates

More PPC humor for our PPC geeks out there!

PPC Meme: On Google’s keywords policy updates

Some humor on Google's keywords policy updates for our PPC fellas!

PPC Meme: On IOS updates ruining marketers lives

Another meme for you, guys, our PPC lovers!!

Meme Marketing – More than Just a Trend!

Memes can often spread like wildfire so why not include them in your marketing strategy right?

PPC meme fun: On IOS new tracking updates

More PPC humor for everyone out there!

How would Hegel PPC?

What is the Hegelian Dialectic and how would that inform Hegel as a PPC, to see if he would be a good PPC or not?

How would Heraclitus PPC?

Heraclitus, Heraclitus: widely remembered as one of the early (even by Plato's standards!) Greek thinkers of antiquity, we're told, and most widely remembered for the every pithy: "no man ever steps into the same river twice." He is less remembered, however, for a bunch of his other--still insightful--arguments, such as: everything is fire.

PPC Meme: Amazon Retargets Spongebob Again and Again and Again

Today one of our dear friends, Will Haire from BellaVix, showed us a very funny PPC meme and we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves so we decided to share it with Everyone! Enjoy :)

PPC meme fun: On Clients Wanting To Improve The CTR

Hi Everyone! Here’s some fun, enjoy :)

PPC meme fun on auto-apply all Google Ads Recommendations

Hi Everyone! Here's some fun for today, enjoy!