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[Exact Match] Conference 2023 – The Conference You’ve Been Waiting For

[Exact Match] Un-Conference 2023 is coming up in days--the last week of October.

It’s Official: The Exact Match Conference Is Happening!

The PPC Club 83 community, over the last few years, has become such a wonderful space, with such constant conversations of high-quality, trusted people that we just enjoy discussing PPC & non-PPC issues as well as our weekly Alcohol & Advertising, that... We decided to have a conference! And to go all out: in an exotic location for maximal focus and a wonderful experience.

Should I Hire a PPC Intern?

Here are a few pros and cons of hiring a PPC intern mentioned.

How to be sure that your PPC expert has the best work style?

To have an idea about the work style and compatibility of your PPC expert, here are a few characteristics of an expert mentioned that you should consider. These characteristics would ensure that you end up with the most suitable options of experts with the best work style.

Why Do You Need a PPC Expert?

Here are a few key points mentioned to enlighten you regarding the need for a PPC expert for your online business and presence.

Should I hire a PPC with a gap between jobs?

Some recruiters believe that the fact that a candidate spent some time unemployed is a red flag, so let's jump in and find out how true is that, and how to approach this situation with them.

According to Argyris’ theory: should I hire a mature or immature PPC?

Not so many years ago, scientists and theorists from the 20th century were dedicating a lot of time to figuring out what motivated people to work, and how to use that to create an effective, efficient, and profit creating environment. And within that context, our friend Chris Argyris developed many theories regarding how individuals' personalities affected their workplaces, and where they would do a better job. And today, we’ll use his most famous one to discuss the type of PPC that you’d like to hire for your company: the mature-immature continuum. 

The Growing Influence Of Amazon On PPC Marketing

When you think of PPC advertising, Amazon might not be the first website that comes to mind. Most brands prefer featuring their ads on Google or Facebook so the logical assumption would be that the amount of competition on Amazon is relatively low. However, more and more companies are beginning to realize the potential that Amazon has to boost their brand visibility and consequently, sales.

Should I recruit my PPC internally?

One of the biggest problems companies have these days when it comes to employee engagement is that many businesses don’t have room for them to grow or move from one area to another. And in an era as competitive and ambitious as the one we are living in, these factors have turned into differential ones when it comes to whether or not an employee will want to remain in our companies. And of course, the digital marketing and PPC world is not an exception. 

Should I hire a PPC as a permanent employee or a freelancer?

These days there’s a lot of people who don't feel related or happy about working at a corporation or agency, and that chooses to be self-employed, and handle their work, schedules, and life on their own. These days, we know them as freelancers, and today we’ll be discussing why they might be a good alternative for your hiring game. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 

What’s the best suited organizational structure for your company, and for your PPC?

When it comes to defining your company’s general style, the organizational structure you’ll choose and build will absolutely make the difference not only in the way you’ll work, but also in the way decisions are made, how things get done, and whom you’ll hire to do them. So today, we’ll dive into the specifics of how an organizational structure is defined, the different types, and the kind of PPC you should choose according to your company’s structure.