[Exact Match] Conference 2023 – The Conference You’ve Been Waiting For

PPC conferences have never lived up to my expectations. In fact, no conferences do.

Why not? They all suffer from the same flaws. Too many annoying people. Too little quality control. Talks that don’t say anything substantial. Too much selling and self-promotion. Everyone feels like a robot being shuffled around. Very little that ever gets below the surface level.

Last year, we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem. The result was the [Exact Match] Conference 2022, which you can read all about here. Weird, idiosyncratic. Lots of smart PPC talk – and even a crazy photoshoot, recreating a classic portrait. Yes you read that right.

And guess what? We’re doing it again! [Exact Match] Un-Conference 2023 is coming up in days–the last week of October.

It includes:

* A week of fun-filled activities

* Another fun location: Buenos Aires

* Members of PPC Club 83 flying in from all around the world

* PPC-focused sessions as well as agency-focused sessions

* Intimate, off the record for private advice on what you need

* Best of all… it’s free!

Sound interesting? Drop us a note and you can come participate. Why not? Life is short!

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