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Unleashing the Power of Publishers: Why Advertisers Should Embrace the Commerce Revolution

This article will discuss the significance of publishers entering the commerce space, highlighting examples from BuzzFeed, Time, and TikTok.BuzzFeed, Time, TikTok, and other publishers are significantly shifting their business models by venturing into commerce. These publishers, known for their content creation and massive audiences, are exploring direct commerce strategies to boost their revenues and provide a brand-safe environment for advertisers. 

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Which one is better? Instagram Stories Ad or Instagram Feed Ad?

Here are a few factors mentioned that can help us determine whether Instagram stories are better than feed or not.

Social and Environmental Responsibility of Brands

In the past years, consumers have been more concerned about price and convenience. But now, the way consumers think has changed entirely. They are being more driven by beliefs and values. They consider taking care of the environment and society their responsibility. When it comes to brands, companies, or organizations, they expect the same from them.