Which one is better? Instagram Stories Ad or Instagram Feed Ad?

When it comes to Instagram ads, the first question that comes to everyone’s mind is “Whether Instagram feed is better for ads or Instagram stories?” Instagram has introduced a lot of new features over time like IGTV, reels, ‘Add Yours’ stickers, and so on. Due to these features, the dynamics of ads’ performance have changed. So, it is high time that we start testing the consequences of such changes to have a better understanding of the way Instagram ads work.

According to a recent study, Instagram stories have lower “Cost per Click (CPC)” than Instagram feed ads. Another revelation regarding Instagram stories is that it generates 78% more clicks and it has 44% more reach. It shows that Instagram stories are now winning over the feed. However, we must take different aspects into account before making a final decision as it is a matter of a huge investment of time, money, and effort.

Here are a few factors mentioned that can help us determine whether Instagram stories are better than feed or not.


The format of both Instagram stories and feeds is different. Instagram feed ads look like the other posts we get to see on Instagram. As a result, a lot of viewers end up ignoring the ads on the feed unless the ad is exceptionally different. So, it will take a lot of effort and time to attract the audience through the Instagram feed ad. 

However, when it comes to Instagram stories, the platform itself is introducing different formats to help the advertisers achieve their goals. For instance, it introduced 3 frames in the stories so that the advertisers don’t have to fill up all the content into one image. The carousel format is also suitable for different ads as it allows the option to add more images with their specific call-to-action, description, headline, and link.


The cost is another important factor that helps make the calculated decision. According to the research, there is little difference between the cost of Instagram stories ads and Instagram feed ads. However, Instagram stories ads usually end up creating more clicks and revenues, which can compensate for the slightly high cost of Instagram stories ads.

Time Length

The time length for an Instagram story is 15 seconds, which implies that if a viewer opens an Instagram stories ad, he is highly likely going to watch it for 15 seconds. However, the average time length for an Instagram feed ad is hardly 8 seconds. So, it is obvious that Instagram stories ads can help keep the audience engaged for a longer time.

Audio or Subtitles

If you are planning to create an Instagram ad in the form of a video, the audio or subtitles of that video will play a huge role in making your ad successful. When you add an Instagram ad video, the user cannot mute the ad, so he will end up listening to the audio anyway. On the other hand, the video ad on the Instagram feed will remain mute unless the user taps on it to listen. It can make a huge difference as the audio in the ad matters a lot.

Full-Screen Experience

The Instagram stories ad gives its users a full-screen experience without any distraction. When the user is watching a story, it doesn’t have any other content around it which keeps his focus on the ad. It is a matter of a few seconds but it can cause a huge impact on the purchasing decision of the user.

 It is evident from the above-mentioned aspects that Instagram stories ads work better than Instagram feed ads nowadays. However, you should know how to make the best use of Instagram Stories ads to achieve your goal in the minimum possible time.

Best Practices for Instagram Stories Ads

Here are a few best practices mentioned to help you with the Instagram stories ads.

Short Message

If you want the user to not swipe away from your Instagram stories after realizing that it is an ad, try to keep the message short and to the point. It is going to be your first and last impression, so make sure that you deliver an easy-to-read message that is also digestible for your users.

Brand Logo

You cannot undermine the importance of a brand logo when it comes to creating your brand awareness among the audience. It’s not just your followers that will watch your ad but it will also reach the target audience that you select while setting up the advertising campaign for Instagram stories. So, a brand logo will help a lot of people recognize your brand who might not have heard about it before.


Your Instagram stories should have a particular style and aesthetic that should further match with your ads as well. You should choose the images and colors of your ad wisely. It will help increase your brand recognition and more people will start getting engaged with it.


A strong call-to-action will take the audience to the landing page of the site. So, you should utilize this opportunity by offering a limited-time offer or deal to the audience. It will encourage them to visit your website to make a purchase.

Add Music

Since the music or audio of Instagram stories ads is set by default, you must add music to your ad to draw the attention of the audience.

Right Image Size

You should also pick the right image size that fits the screen to improve the user’s experience. Make the necessary adjustments according to the ad specifications.

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