Display Campaign Secrets & Tips

Understanding the Importance of Context in Advertising and Consumers’ Preferences

This article will discuss the importance of contextually relevant ads and consumers’ preferences.

Best Practices for Marketers to Scale Ads Everywhere

This article will discuss the best practices that can help marketers scale ads everywhere.

What Makes A Display Ad Click-Worthy?

Display ads are being used worldwide to increase brand awareness among people to get more traffic. However, if a display ad is not done properly, it won’t be able to serve its purpose. The marketers need to execute the display ad effectively to make the most out of it. The question that usually pops up in everyone’s mind is “What makes a display ad click-worthy?”.

How to Step Up Google Ads around Holidays or Events?

Holiday traffic is unpredictable. When your target audience is searching for a specific product or service during holidays or events, make sure you are there to offer your best deal. You can catch the holiday wave by setting up your Google ads campaign accordingly. However, make sure that you follow the trusted tips to boost your sales.

How to Make Your Ad Talk about Value Creatively?

The key to success in advertising is making creative ads that help reach out to potential customers. However, while we talk about different strategies of making an ad creative and successful, the one idea that remains at the top is to make an ad talking about values rather than products. It is one of the most effective advertising strategies that many renowned marketers use around the globe. It helps them receive immediate attention from the audience.

Digital Needs of Non-Traditional Families

The world is changing, and so should we: let's find out how marketers can be much more inclusive, and increase brand connection with their customers.

Key Principles of a Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

A cross-channel digital marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to achieve a common goal. However, you should know about its key principles to make sure that it serves its purpose effectively in making your marketing efforts successful.

The complete disclosure of Google’s antitrust filing

For a while now, the entire tech world has been holding on to its seats and trying to stay as updated as possible with whatever is going on with Google’s antitrust and court problems. But the thing is, sadly none of us are lawyers, so we really are having a lot of trouble with comprehending what is really happening there, and which is the most likely outcome to happen. But lucky for us someone in the Twitter universe did. 

The Growing Influence Of Amazon On PPC Marketing

When you think of PPC advertising, Amazon might not be the first website that comes to mind. Most brands prefer featuring their ads on Google or Facebook so the logical assumption would be that the amount of competition on Amazon is relatively low. However, more and more companies are beginning to realize the potential that Amazon has to boost their brand visibility and consequently, sales.

Why Google Is Banning Ads Denying Climate Change

It’s not even an uncommon occurrence anymore: companies are cruising along doing business as usual, not a care in the world when bam! Google decides to ban their ad account out of the blue. The worst kind of surprise? Probably, if they’ve spent a bomb on their Ad Campaign, which they likely have. Besides, it’s not just accounts that get banned, ads get banned as well.

What It Means For Users To Access Advertisers’ History Online

So, one of the newest developments in Google’s policies is that advertisers are now required to give users access to their history. In other words, whenever a viewer comes across your Display Ad online, they not only access details on your company but also access details on your advertising history. Therefore, your previous ad campaigns can be brought to the forefront by such a policy. So is this a good thing or a bad thing?