What Makes A Display Ad Click-Worthy?

Display ads are being used worldwide to increase brand awareness among people to get more traffic. However, if a display ad is not done properly, it won’t be able to serve its purpose. The marketers need to execute the display ad effectively to make the most out of it. The question that usually pops up in everyone’s mind is “What makes a display ad click-worthy?”.

Recently, I spent a lot of time on the internet while planning for my holiday tour. I had to pick and choose everything from the hotel to the flight to make sure that I don’t have to face any trouble later. I think that everyone who has experienced the same can relate to what I was feeling at that time. So, I was not surprised at all to see this ad after a few minutes.


As you can see, it is a display ad of a website “Bookme. pk”. It is quite evident that I was the right audience for this ad which means that the marketer of this ad is successful in reaching its target audience. Since I was already looking for solutions to add to my ease and convenience, the ad immediately got my attention. I felt like clicking on it immediately. So, the target audience is one of the most important aspects of a display ad that makes it click-worthy. If the ad is not relevant for the person who gets to see it, the ad will lose its value.

A lot of words for your ad copy is not always what you want to make your ad click-worthy. It’s the opposite that works mostly for a display ad. You can keep things simple just like this ad. It has used a few words for the ad copy which are enough to grab the attention of the visitor. Some advertisers might argue that the ad copy should be more than this but it only depends upon the selection of your words whether your ad copy will work or not. In this ad, the ad copy worked for me, and similarly, it can work for a lot of other viewers as well. It is straight to the point as it asks the question “Looking for Cheapest Airfares?” This way, it is also highlighting its most important feature that every visitor will be interested in.

Moreover, it has a clear call-to-action button below which invites the viewer to visit the site “Bookme.pk”, which is a single solution to all the problems related to flights, hotels, movies, events, cricket, and a lot more. It helps find the best options at the most affordable prices to make the experience of your travel comfortable and smooth. Once I visit the site, I got a lot of options, discounts, coupon codes, deals, and bundles that helped me stay within my budget limitations. It also gives the “Download Now” option for its application which is another clear call-to-action for the ease of the visitors as the application usually works even more smoothly than the site itself.

Furthermore, the ad creative must be relevant to the images you are going to find on the landing page after clicking on the call-to-action button. In this ad, you can see the image of the airplane in the background popping out of a window. It is not only relevant to the ad copy but also to the images I got to see after I visited the site. It made sense to me, so I became even more interested in looking at their deals after that. So, the ad creative also serves the purpose of making the ad click-worthy. Just as I stayed at the site instead of closing the tab because the images were right in place.

When it comes to highlighting the negative side of the ad, I would like to talk about the color scheme. The contrasting colors in the image would have helped make this ad more appealing and attractive. The advertiser has played safe with the colors by using the black, white, and gray theme. It might have worked only for its target audience. And it follows the same color theme for its website as well. But the fact is that some ads become more click-worthy because of the selection of their colors to those as well who are not planning any tour as they might start feeling compelled to click the ad. For that part, this display ad could have done better than this to attract the other audience as well to increase their conversion rate and revenues in the end. 

In short, the ad design is minimalistic overall that includes an image with a clear message and call-to-action button. It increases the possibility that visitors are going to click on this ad. If you follow the best practices after analyzing different important factors of a display ad, you can make your ad click-worthy. A deep analysis of some good display ads can also help make your ad click-worthy. 

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