How to Deal With the Emerging Trends of Ad Tech in the Asia Pacific Region (APAC)?

Here are some effective ways of dealing with these three emerging trends of ad tech in APAC mentioned.

Announcing the Managed Placements Concierge Program

One of our favorite Google Ads (and more broadly, programmatic ad) tools out there is Managed Placements. Yes, we're not objective at all in regards to them, but all the praise they get is well-deserved. And the team has asked us to tell the world--or at least our readers--about a new feature of theirs: their concierge service.

Beta Test Now Live for

Such exciting news from Zsolt Maslayni and Team Managed Placements, I will jump to the end: After six months of intense software development, the beta version of is live and ready for the world to test. What is this long-awaited project? Well, you can read all about it yourself on their site about managed placements, but here is what it boils down to.

PPC Protect Tool Review: The New Way of Click Fraud Protection

Today we are going to take a closer look at one software that claims to use some machine learning in their process. Let me introduce today’s click fraud protection tool: PPC Protect!

Canva, More Than Just a Banner Tool

I have been using Flexitive banner creation software for a long time. So, today I thought of trying a new banner creation software that is very popular nowadays, known as ''Canva''. As you might know, I have reviewed several banner tools. I can call it a series now. So, let us continue this quest to find the best banner tool. 

‘Click Cease’ Tool Review: Is There An Effective Cure For Click Fraud?

Click fraud. A problem that annoys every marketer in Programmatic Advertising.

Banner Tool Reviews: How is Flexitive’s Banner Tool Different From All Others?

In my last piece, I started a series about ad creation software and I defined the methodology I'm going to use to explore the differences between the most popular banner tools. Today, we're going to use that system to see how our next subject, Flexitive, is different from other ad creation software.

Bannersnack: The Tool To Create Lots of Display Ads At Once

Today's article is the first in a new series. I’m going to dive deeper--I love the metaphor we use in our site name!--into the world of the banner creation tools. Hopefully, by the end of the series, I'm going to have enough information to recommend to you the most useful banner tool on the market.

Why Does Jumpshot’s Closure Matter for Display Advertising?

In January 2020, Avast was forced to close down its Jumpshot division. Jumpshot was a major source of click and consumer data for many different sites.

Criteo: What’s Their Reputation in the Programmatic Space?

Since its development, Criteo has become a company that is a global leader in commerce marketing. So, if it is such a major player in the industry, should you try running your programmatic ads on Criteo?

Adwords Tech Review: Marin Software

Oh Marin, Marin! How much we love ye and yet can't stand ye! I've worked with Marin Software for many years, on big campaigns—and I have many mixed thoughts about it, which I will summarize here.