Should I Hire a PPC Intern?

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Running a digital advertising campaign like PPC requires a bulk amount of money. However, you can hire cheap labor to do some part of the job. It won’t only help save your money but also your time and energy. A PPC intern can be of great help when it comes to managing minor to major tasks. Since it is a critical job, any mistake or carelessness of your PPC intern can also lead to disastrous consequences. So, when you consider hiring a PPC intern, make sure you weigh both its pros and cons before making a final decision.

Here are a few pros and cons of hiring a PPC intern mentioned.

Let’s talk about the pros first.


New ideas

The PPC intern might come up with new ideas for your PPC campaign. Even if they have no relevant experience, he can see things from the outside as a third person. He can add a fresh perspective to your business that can take it to the next level.


A fresh candidate would be eager to know more about the work. He will be dedicated and loyal to you since you will be providing him with all the necessary training and experience. He will likely pay off the time you invest in his training. Moreover, he will stick by your company or brand for a longer time than any other employee or team member.


A PPC intern would be looking for an opportunity to impress you. He will put all his efforts into fulfilling the task you assign to him. This way, nothing can replace the enthusiasm he is going to bring to your business. He might not have the skills but you can make the best use of the knowledge that he has because of being a fresh graduate.

Here are the cons of hiring a PPC intern mentioned.


Time investment

You will have to give your PPC intern full-time training to polish his skills. It’s a two-way process in which you will take out what you put in. So, you should be ready to invest your time in it. However, you can appoint different staff members and employees to train him. This way, he won’t be taking too much time from a single person. 

Mistakes or misunderstanding

The PPC intern you hire would lack experience and skills like other employees. He might not be able to contribute the same way. The chances of mistakes or misunderstandings will also be higher. You will have to be patient until his learning process completes. You might also have to prepare yourself mentally for the potential loss.

Other than the pros and cons, you should also know what tasks you can or cannot assign to the PPC intern.

Tasks PPC Intern CAN NOT Do

Before you know about the tasks that a PPC intern can do, let’s have a look at those tasks that you must never assign to your PPC intern. It would help you avoid a lot of costly mistakes at the end of the day.

Managing Product Listing

Managing product listing is not as simple as it seems. People assume that you just have to set up the campaign and the money will start rolling in. But that is certainly not the true picture of the product listing. The optimization of the tasks will require proper time to manage the product listing effectively. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stand out from your competitors. So, this is one of those tasks that you cannot hand over to the PPC intern.

Writing Ads

Writing an ad is the way to communicate the message to the world. If it is not done properly, you might lose your opportunity of grabbing the attention of the audience. Only experts would know the art of writing ads using the perfect keywords. If you rely on an intern to do this job, you will only have to face disappointment and costly consequences.

Bid Management

Bid management also requires the expertise and skills of a professional. A PPC intern would have to invest proper time and attention to the bid management to learn it properly first. Even after that, he might not be able to perform this job without experience. For instance, when a keyword stops performing all of the sudden, the root causes need to be detected at once and that can only be done with the help of an expert.

There are some other tasks as well like handling the account structure and mining search query reports for which you should never hire the intern.

Tasks a PPC Intern Can Do   

Now let’s talk about the tasks that a PPC intern can do for you.

Ad copy test ideas

If you are running out of ad copy test ideas, a PPC intern can help you with that. You can ask him to brainstorm some ideas for the ad copy and he will surely come up with at least one or two ideas that are worth testing.


A PPC intern would be using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for so long, so the reporting won’t be an issue for him. It won’t only help boost his confidence but also help you organize the flow of the data. Since he will be eager to impress you, he will come up with a perfect and professional report. 

Competitor Research 

He can help you get data for your competitor research using multiple tools. You can assign the task of making reports and graphs regularly which you can use further to analyze the changes over time. It will help predict the next move of your competitor.

So, a deep study and research before hiring a PPC intern would always help. Make sure whatever decision you make is based on the facts if you don’t want to face loss be it financial or any other one.

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