This Week in Online Advertising Data (August 28st, 2020): Google & FB’s share of ad market on the way down

Let’s jump into this week’s online advertising data:

  • The combined share of Google and Facebook of the entire online ad market, in the UK, is down from 67.8% to 65.9% this year.
  • For online shopping, the share of all online ads that are on Google’s platforms is up from 57% to 60%.

  • EMarketer reports that the % of US retailers who say they will increase their investment in visual search is up.
  • 69% of B2B marketers will increase their digital ad budgets this year.
  • Chrome will start auto-blocking 0.3% of all ads, those which Google claims consume too many resources
  • Dr Fou points to the above paper and observes that it shows that the increased costs for better targeting for ads benefit the middle layer of tech and companies doing the targeting, not the publishers paid for the ads.
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