Analysis of a Click-Worthy Display Ad

Effective display advertising can help reach millions of people through multiple websites or platforms. Those marketers or advertisers who know the art of making display ads get so much attention from the audience. However, it is important to discuss what components or factors a display ad must have that make it click-worthy. Since the competition is rising daily, the number of advertisers coming up with unique display ads has also increased. 

A few days back, I also came across a display ad that made me want to do a detailed analysis to see what makes people click on the ad.

Here is the ad I am talking about:

It is a social display ad with a still image and caption. It made me stop while I was scrolling my Facebook feed to get new insights and updates about what’s happening worldwide. I am not a mother of two, but being a working woman, I have always been concerned about how I would manage to have both kids and work simultaneously. This ad is for all those women who are mothers, mothers to be, or just got married or working. It has a bit of everything for every woman who feels burnt out because of being occupied by multiple tasks daily.

This social display ad aims to drive traffic and take it to the article written by New York Times. It has an intriguing illustration, while the image also targets a specific audience, including working men and women raising children. The image clearly shows that a vividly tired woman is trying to get some rest while holding children on both sides. So, it targets especially those parents who want to know about the balance between work and life, mental health, and burnout.

The social display ads on Facebook must be able to connect with the audience through the image. It must entice the emotions in them to make them click on the ad. In this ad, the main product or aim is to give the targeted audience a good reading experience. They picked an image that perfectly depicts the content of the article. So, it is a great example of a display ad done right.

There are several other reasons and factors which make this ad work. Let’s talk about all of them in detail.


First of all, the main strong point of the ad that makes it click-worthy is that it is relevant for parents who find it hard to balance both work and personal life in today’s world when usually both men and women are working. It helps them get a decent amount of money to spend on their needs and lifestyle amid the economic crisis and inflation. Moreover, this ad will appear as a native post to the viewers in their news feed to promote the magazine article.


The visual of this ad is great as it impacts the target audience emotionally. Even if you are not a tired working parent and have seen anyone around you in this condition, this ad will still help develop compassion in your heart for them. So, it achieves the goal by making the user click on the ad and read the article. 

Call to Action

The ad’s “Learn More” call to action is quite clear in that it provides help to parents by inviting them to click on the ad. It is dedicated to all those tired and frustrated parents who have questions about life and work and seek answers and solutions to make their lives easier.


The ad includes a tempting value prop that states that the parents must know the signs of burnout and stress so they can have the help they need. It will make them consider this source of information to get some insights. It improves the chances of them clicking the ad to read the article.

A Clear Message

A lot of display ads lose the game because of being complicated. In contrast, this ad has a clear and easy-to-understand message for the target audience. It has followed a simple “KISS” principle of delivering ad messages: “Keep it simple, stupid.” So, using simple words in the caption is another reason that makes the ad click-worthy.

A Likeable Style

Like people, ads also have a certain style and personality, which brands or services must consider to keep them consistent. For instance, New York Magazine sticks to a likable style for most ads. Since it doesn’t change the style or format, it helps people get familiar with its ads. So, whenever they come across this type of ad with an illustrative image and detailed caption, they would know it is from the same magazine. 


A brand or service must be credible and authentic while putting up a display ad. The titles, captions, or images of the ads by New York Magazines are never misleading. This ad also delivers what it states. So, credibility also plays a vital role in helping you get loyal visitors.

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