Analysis of An Exceptional Google Display Ad to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Google display ad is a vast display network that has been in place since 2003. It has outperformed its competitors in the market by growing aggressively. Since Google display ads can target 90% of online traffic, many advertisers and businesses are turning toward it. However, only a few of them know how to make the best use of it. 

You might have seen hundreds of Google display ads daily while browsing the Internet, and sadly, very few could have grabbed your attention to make you pause for a while. I recently came across one of those rare and unique Google display ads and couldn’t restrain myself from analyzing it deeply.  

Here is the ad I am talking about: 


It makes me stop for a while to see what it has to offer. You might already know about “Honey,” an online plugin that helps people get multiple discount coupons from different stores. It’s easy to access and has a clear message for their target audience. With its help, you can easily find a coupon to get different items you desire or need at the lowest possible price. Apart from that, it’s always on its toes to cater to its customer needs by placing different creative Google display ads in front of them. What else can one ask for? 

Now, let’s talk about the best thing about this ad. It features the most renowned influencer and YouTube star. It is using influencer marketing to reach its target audience, and the influencer is none other than the world-famous Mr. Beast, whom the audience adores for his YouTube videos of expensive stunts. So, it is evident that the advertiser has played safe by choosing Mr. Beast as a social media influencer in its display ad. Since he already has a lot of followers and subscribers on social media, many people know about Honey just because of him. 

His picture on the display ad with a finger pointing at the audience is a smart move. It helps create an association between the company and the influencer. So, whenever people hear about Honey next time, they will instantly remember it because of the renowned YouTube star Mr. Beast.

What about other aspects of this ad? Does this ad fulfill its purpose wholly and effectively? Yes, it does because it has some other strong points as well. Not everyone will be aware of the influencer, so let’s talk about other important features this ad has. It has a headline that can quickly grab anybody’s attention. “Need a Coupon” is a relatively straightforward yet practical approach to reach a wider audience. It doesn’t address any specific type, gender, or age group of the audience. It addresses everybody who wants a coupon to get different products or services they want at the lowest price. It doesn’t even refer to any specific website. 

Sure, it is always better to consider a particular type of website to display Google ads, but the targeting might not always work. It can turn out to be a nightmare as well, so why not play safe and replace it with something vague like this? On the other hand, the additional text, “Get it here,” is a clear and compelling call to action for everybody who sees the ad and wants to try it out to get a discount coupon with a few clicks.

It doesn’t end here, as there is another good thing about the ad I would love to talk about. And that is the color of the image. The ad’s creator has picked the right color combination that makes the ad stand out and look different from the rest of any online page on which it would appear. The sharp contrast of green and yellow is quite appealing to the audience.

Wrapping Up

This ad is a classic example from which advertisers must take inspiration. Everything from the image and text to the color and call to action is on point. Since you hardly have seen such ads on the Internet, you must also take a moment out with me and appreciate the ad creator for creating such a masterpiece.

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