This Week in Digital Advertising (October 28th, 2021)

Let’s jump right in and see this week’s numbers on digital advertising!

  • AdExchanger’s article on Spotify ads explains that the company expects to clear $1 billion in ad revenue at the close of 2021.
  • Marketing Charts’ stats show that carousel posts have been becoming more and more popular, accounting for an engagement rate of 5.4% in Sports, 3% in Entertainment, 1.8% in Media and 1.2% in Brands, becoming the leader in all these categories.
  • Marketing Charts forecasts that ad revenues across all media will be 24% higher in 2021 than they were in 2019, and that it will reach $277.6 billion this year, growing by 23% over 2020
  • After a growth of 46% and 56% in Q1 and Q2 respectively, Facebook is expected to hit $50 billion in ad revenue by year-end 2021, as estimated by eMarketer.
  • eMarketer’s reports shows that Reddit, who was expected to make $247.9 million in ad revenue in 2021, has actually reached $305.1 million.
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