Is there a fun way to meet other PPCs?

The world moves on, another day another technology advances, how hard is it to stay updated on everything all the time? I know, exhausting. Whenever you think you are fully updated, you’ve read every single news and technology portal, and there is nothing else you could possibly know, guess what, there probably is. That’s why, nowadays, there is nothing as important as being constantly in touch with people in your field, or said differently, reaching out to other PPCs. 

How easy life would be if every morning, instead of going through every single PPC website to find out what’s new, you could go to just one and have everything you need right there? Imagine sharing a forum with a bunch of people interested in the same nerdy things you do and being able to chat with them all day long. Since we believe forums are a little cold and anonymous, we decided to create the very first PPC-Exclusive Slack community

PPC Club 83 is the only online community for PPC experts that isn’t overwhelmed by low-quality trolls asking absurd questions, or filling up every post with “how come my account was canceled”? Here, specialists can hang out, have all-day-long conversations about the nerdiest stuff, post job offers, share news and pretty much exchange all sorts of information they find exciting and worth to be shared. All types of PPC-related information are welcome and our members are very happy to have each other. 

Being much faster and more personal than forums or emails, Slack allows you to have real-time conversations with the other people in the community. That not only avoids waiting around for a response but also makes it way more exciting since you can actually get hooked in super interesting PPC conversations with someone who cares about it as much as you do. 

Another great advantage of joining a PPC community is you’ll always have a place to seek some work help or support. Instead of googling something that slipped your mind, you can actually get real-life collaboration from another expert. Also, you’ll be able to share with the whole crew any progress you make or any knowledge you gain so you are not celebrating on your own. 

Keeping up with how great it is to have a club, did I mention we sometimes have virtual drinks? Yep, that’s right. Our PPC experts are from all around the world and created such strong bonds, every now and then they choose to set a date and meet up to have a beer (or whatever you like) and talk about life in a much more real way. That’s how close our community has grown to be. 

Another big pro of having a Slack community is its channels. Basically, you can create a channel about any subtopic that’s relevant to your crew and you can choose to join them or not. For example, if you have a Slack community on shoes you can have a special channel for high heels, another for sandals and so. This way you can be part of the PPC topics you are interested in.

So, my conclusion here is: why not join a community of people that share your interests and are pretty much available 24/7 to engage in a new discussion or conversation? If there’s something that the pandemic has taught us it’s that sometimes virtual relationships can be as real as in-person ones, so why not take advantage of the technology to grow closer to people from our own fields? The PPC world of the time is begging you to do it. 

To conclude, since we wouldn’t want any stranger who knows nothing about PPC to come to our Club, the entry is by invitation only, so, if you do want to join the excitement, let us know so you can be a part of the first PPC-only Slack!

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