Have you heard about Google Ads scripts?

As you may already know by now because my bio says so and I keep bringing it up, I for sure am what you’d call a theater geek, but no matter how much I’d love to go all-pitch on the most amazing scripts in the history of theatre, that’s not what brings us here today because today is all about Google Ads’ scripts. And, just in case you haven’t heard of them yet, we’ll dive into the specifics and the benefits that using them can bring to your Ads strategy. 

If you’ve been a PPC expert for a while now, you probably have a detailed and very well-rehearsed (theatre reference intended) morning Display Ads routine. Perhaps it consists of checking your campaign and changing criteria or updating metrics or modifying your Ads’ placements, according to the results you’ve obtained until the moment. Probably also you have your pre-settled success-formulas (for example, you know if certain Ads’ CTR has dropped, you’ll change its bid numbers to another one) that you’ll repeat like a robot every day. If this is your case, didn’t you know you could have Google doing that for you? 

Google scripts is a Google Ads feature that provides a way to programmatically control your Google Ads data by using really simple JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. By using Google scripts, you can automate many of the processes that you normally would take care of by yourself (check these Ads, check these keywords, if this happens, change this rule) and have Google do them for you. This feature is not limited only to your own data or analysis, but it can also interact with external data, and you can use it in many Ad accounts. 

And even though so far it looks awesome, there’s more! Since this script tech requires knowing a little bit of software language, Google Ads also developed a bunch of pre-written scripts that you can just choose from, as if you were browsing through a catalog. They have a lot of different options including updating keywords, avoiding certain websites when placing your Ads, changing some of your rules, among others. Just like that, you don’t even have to come up with the script yourself, you can have Google automating your campaign on its own. So once you’ve found a script that you actually like, you can copy-paste it into your Ad account, and just like that you made it a lot more profitable. 

So, if making more out of your campaigns and spending less time on tedious tasks doesn’t sound like enough of a benefit for you, then let’s jump right into the main reasons why the script technique may actually help your campaigns a lot. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 

Helps to avoid mistakes

I’m not one for saying that human factors mess things up (actually, we all know that sometimes human factors actually make the difference), but there comes the time that actually having a code automating your process can make things a bit safer. We are humans, and we make mistakes, and that’s fine because we can’t help but make them. But what we can do is to try to make as little as possible, and Google Ads scripts are a great example of how to do that. So, we can say that a great benefit to get from Google Ads scripts is to make our human factor slightly less dangerous. 

You don’t have to stay 24/7 on top of your Ads

We can say that Google scripts work kind of like a nanny for your Ad campaigns, and you should absolutely take advantage of that. When you have Google itself checking and updating your campaigns for you, life gets a lot easier and less stressful, and they can even stay on top of your Ads while you sleep. Google scripts are a great ally when you don’t have the time or desire to spend all day staring at your Ads. 

You can spend more time on what actually matters! 

Related to the previous point, if you don’t have to spend all day staring at your Ads’ metrics, you can spend a lot more time on other stuff. And no, I don’t mean family and friends, I mean more advertising stuff. Either for coming up with new campaigns, upgrading your current ones’ strategies, or even testing new Ads to launch. Just like that, Google scripts save you a ton of time that can be well invested in other stuff. 

You don’t even have to do it yourself 

Even though Google scripts aren’t complicated to implement at all (it’s a software language that even to us non-tech PPCs would take a minute to figure out), there are a ton of companies, tools, and third-party software developers that are more than capable to write or implement the Google scripts that you need. So if you really want to use them, but can’t because of your limited tech capacities, then don’t waste any more tears, and run to buy a tool so you can get started! 

So, as a conclusion, I believe that Google scripts definitely are one great ally when it comes to saving time, making our campaigns more profitable, and our lives a lot easier. The Display Ad world is changing everyday, but lucky for us, we still have technological advances, and our big Ad tech giants are ready to win this fight for us. So, if you still haven’t tried Google scripts, then what are you waiting for?

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