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Top Influencer Marketing Trends In 2022

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How to Deal With Bad Data

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How Identity Resolution Is Both a Challenge and an Opportunity in the Programmatic Landscape?

Identity resolution helps marketers have access to the data from multiple platforms to get a complete picture. The more data they get, the more it helps them personalize their campaigns. However, identity resolution has become a challenge as well with the increase in the consumer’s sentiments regarding their privacy.

How GDPR Has Affected Advertisers and Users Negatively

For years, privacy has been one of the most highlighted concerns of consumers. The publishers were getting away with their stalking behavior in the past but after the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) got approved by the EU in 2016, it provided users with the basic rights of their data protection. The Implication of GDPR aimed to increase the satisfaction level of the users by giving them control over their personal information. Some people believe that it has improved the performance level of digital marketing. But according to the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), it has caused a drastic impact on both advertisers and users.

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Why Video Advertising Will Surpass Linear TV Ad Spending?

The pandemic has resulted in more focus on brand building due to which the brands have started showing interest again in TV ads. The demand for traditional TV ads started rising which also further led to the increase in their prices. On the other hand, since people have not been using traditional TV ads for quite a while, the supply started shrinking which also caused the increase in their prices.