This Week in Digital Advertising (September 24th, 2021)

So let’s see what this week’s numbers have to say about digital advertising, shall we?

  • According to Marketing Charts’ survey, consumers say that they are most likely to take product recommendations from an everyday user (37%) over those of subject matter experts (25%), celebrities (7%), and social media stars (6%).
  • Marketing Charts study shows that 42% of US adults surveyed do not feel they are represented by the people they see in ads.
  • Marketing Charts reports that  76% of marketers and agencies expect to increase their budgets for online video in 2022.
  • eMarketer forecasts that, after almost 50% growth in ecommerce channel ad spending during 2020, advertisers will increase those allocations by another 27.8% this year.
  • According to AdExchanger’s article, Opera Ads is expected to hit $80 million in full year 2021 revenue.
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