This Week in Digital Advertising Data (May 14th, 2021)

What does the data say about this week in online advertising? Let’s see!

  • According to eMarketer’s reports 67.9% of US marketers will use influencer marketing for paid or unpaid campaigns this year.
  • AdExchanger’s reports that during the fourth quarter of 2020, podcast advertising revenue reached $842 million, while spending on Facebook continued to grow and increases have remained above the 90% mark.
  • As said by Marketing Charts’, in 2020 ad viewability reached 71.3% in the US mobile web video.
  • AdExchanger’s article about an IAB’s survey said that 47% of the intervieweds said that advertising on news increases their positive perception of the brand.
  • Marketing Charts’ reports that t 40% of 1,200 adults interviewes were likely to personally decide to buy a brand or company’s products based on where its ads appear.
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