This Week In Digital Advertising Data (June 19, 2020): Political Online Ad Spending To Increase $3 Billion

More days have gone by and that means more advertising data! Let’s jump in:

  • AdExchanger reports that 59% of Connected TV ad buyers are increasing their CT ad budgets in 2020.
  • A Magna study predicts that online advertising will drop $11 billion in 2020, from $213 billion to $224 billion. The report also predicts that social media spending will be up 8%, and banner ads spending will fall by 11%.
  • A study from Digiday shows keyword blocking is a problem for 43% of all publishers, who are receiving less revenue because advertisers are not showing ads on pages that contain words related to Covid or other current nameless political movements.
  • GroupM predicts that online advertising spend will be down 13% in 2020, although political ad spending will be up by $3 billion.
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