This Week in Digital Advertising Data (April 30th, 2021)

What does the data say about this week in online advertising? Let’s dive in!

  • According to eMarketer, Amazon’s winning the race against his competitors, making more than $18 billion in ecommerce channel ad revenues, while Walmart remains in $1.55 billion.
  • As said by Marketing Charts, the amount of US consumers who watch ad-supported streaming services has risen 70% from last year, turning into 6 out of 10 users.
  • Also said by Marketing Charts, 10.3% of Ad revenues from 2020 belonged to Amazon.
  • Mobile Ad Platform Moloco, founded in 2013, is now valuated in $1 Billion, as said by AdExchanger.
  • According to Marketing Charts’ survey, 76% of interviewees considered unsolicited calls and texts the most intrusive Ad experience.
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