The Influence of Instagram On Ads

Instagram is now one of the leading social media platforms in the world and for good reason. The surprising feature Instagram has managed to pull off amidst rising competition from other social media platforms is that it’s still growing in popularity. One way to explain this would be the timeless appeal of speaking through images; the other would be a global pandemic that’s forced everyone to stay indoors and spend more time than usual on social media.

Whatever the case, it’s indisputable that Instagram has a massive reach and there are a large number of people around the world today who’ve made successful careers out of posting pictures and content on this platform. Such content creators are often referred to as ‘influencers’ owing to their power to influence thousands, possibly millions of people to follow a certain type of lifestyle.

This lifestyle often includes wearing the latest in clothing trends, following the most popular fad diets, or trying an exciting new workout regime. It’s difficult to say which piece of clothing, accessory, or cosmetic will enjoy a sudden spurt of popularity next – given the various changing ‘aesthetics’ of influencers on the platform.

Several brands (both big and small) have benefitted from this rise in Instagram’s popularity and appeal. Google Discovery Ads too have made their way into Instagram and now help generate demand for various products and services rather than cater to existing demand. This makes them especially effective on a platform such as Instagram where users are constantly on the lookout for the new and exciting. Besides, given the amount of time an average teenager spends on Instagram, some ad or another is bound to catch their fancy and prompt them to make a purchase.

Besides, since Instagram relies on appealing to users visually, Google Discovery Ads now shows you ads that are visually appealing and spread out over several images to keep your attention focused on a particular brand and leave a lasting impression. This is why some of the largest brands in the world in apparel, food, and other industries are now using this powerful PPC tool.

Besides, using content creators to advertise products is known as Instagram Influencer Marketing. Roping in influencers and content creators has helped brands connect with audiences that spend a major chunk of their day scrolling through their feed. Given the abundance of content and content creators out there, it’s no surprise that people now have a very short attention span.

This is especially true in the case of teenagers and those in their early 20s. If an ad doesn’t appear unique enough to capture their interest or spark their imagination instantly, they’re not likely to want to read what the product or service in question has to offer them. After all, why should they? The sheer number of brands today that offer youngsters apparel and more have spoiled them for choice.

From a brand’s point of view, the statistics available today concerning how many Instagram users are looking for a new brand to purchase from are quite promising. Add this to the fact that Instagram offers more interaction than Facebook and you have a playing field abuzz with activity from some of the biggest brands around the world and some of the newest ones too.

Most teenagers who have used Instagram to purchase products admit that they actively lookout for new brands by following popular influencers. Such is the influence of content creators on the platform that teenagers won’t step out of the house to sample apparel for themselves before purchasing anything, they’ll quite willingly take their favorite influencer or micro influencer’s word for it.

Instagram has effectively changed the face of marketing in the sense that brands no longer require A-list celebrities or expensive advertising campaigns to boost product sales. Even micro-influencers with thousands of followers can help sell products and create a positive image of any brand they work with.

However, bear in mind that it’s not always easy to pick the right influencer. Most of those who follow content creators on Instagram do so mainly for their content, not just so they can sit around and watch ads all day. Collaborating with an influencer who knows how to strike a healthy balance between posting creative content and advertising is the key to achieving marketing success on Instagram.

Besides, it’s always helpful to keep up with the latest trends on Instagram (however much you may or may not like them) since you never know which one could help promote your product effectively.

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