Ads that sell more than just a product


Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been using the same Dior perfume that I begged my father to get me for Christmas 2015: J’adore by Dior. By now, I’m not sure if I even like it anymore but neither did I when I first wanted it after seeing this Ad. Six years after the first time I saw Charlize Theron here, I still know exactly what my 14-year-old mind thought: I want, no, I need to be her. 

The whole J’adore by Dior Ad campaign was, I still believe, a unique concept. Even when most female fragrances campaigns are focused on sensuality and beauty, J’adore had something else: The whole golden (like the perfume) palette color matching Charlize’s skin, dress, and hair made you feel you were not just buying a perfume bottle, you were buying a lifestyle. 

In the PPC world, one of the top priorities is to figure out what is it that will attract the most clients. Most products have the facility to be shown by themselves on the Ad, for example, if you want to sell shoes you can just use a picture of them. However, with perfumes you face a different challenge: you can’t create a digital ad that the audience will be able to smell, you have to attract them in another way. Hereby, Dior chose to make us think that, by using J’adore, we could obtain the luxurious golden world their model had. 

The perfume industry tends to focus on TV or video Ads that can show the whole lifestyle their product is supposed to come with. This is why when trying to make a Display Ad the reality is different and Dior aced the task. They needed to show a whole bunch of things in just one picture, and they did. In this ad, you see a beautiful woman Attracting-Audience-101 and a glimpse into her lifestyle. She has sunlight in her hair, she has a very glamorous dress and hairstyle, she seems so blessed and secure and she’s wearing very little makeup because she was born perfect, what else could I aspire to at 14? And all I had to do to get that was, as the CTA below states, shop J’adore Eau de Parfum. 

Being a J’adore by Dior long-term buyer, I can confirm every time I put it on I go outside having this rush of glamorous confidence that comes inside the bottle. My dresses and hairstyles probably don’t resemble Charlize’s but when I’m wearing J’adore I feel like I have nothing to envy, I have sunlight in my hair and I was born blessed. This, my friends, is what I call an amazing ad that sold me a whole storyline that I live in when wearing what I actually bought from them. 

This, my friends, is what we call Display Ads that sell the dream. When someone is trying to sell something very cheap, their publicity strategy probably won’t matter that much because people will probably buy their product anyway. However, high-end businesses need to convince people on why they should spend that much money on whatever it is they are selling. Given that situation, they will need to figure out what is it that will get them more buyers and, if you ask me, I don’t think there’s anything I’d like to buy more than the realization of a dream. 

Dior’s campaign, I believe, is one of many that chose to create an ad that focuses on showing you quality but also lets you have a glimpse of what life could be if you decided to do so. Powerful ads require powerful thinking and, in my opinion, knowing how to create an ad like this requires amazing taste and wit as well as a fantastic marketing team that knows what their audiences aspire to. Nowadays, PPC specialists are challenged to show what they are selling and everything that comes with it and why you need to become Charlize Theron. Or, you know, whoever the owner of your product is.

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