Factors to Determine Whether a Display Ad Is Good Enough Or Not?

In this digital world, where we see millions of Google display ads every day, it is quite difficult for an ad to stand out and grab the attention of the audience. In our daily routine, when we scroll through multiple social media platforms and websites, we hardly end up pausing for an ad.

So, the question that emerges here is “Which factors help make a Google display ad good enough that it makes the audience stop for a while and have a detailed look at it?”

Recently, I came across an ad and it immediately came to my mind that this ad can help describe the factors or aspects which can both make or break an ad.

Here is the ad that came to mind for me:



Now let’s explore different factors that can help determine whether a Google display ad is good or not.

‘Visual Representation’ or ‘Image’ of the Product Should be Striking

The first factor I would like to talk about is the ‘Visual Representation of the Product”. First of all, the number of images for a good responsive Google display ad should be three to four. It is always better to design different images to attract different types of audiences. For instance, one image might be striking for the younger generation but not for the older one.

Moreover, the image should illustrate the actual frustration or problem to be able to address it properly. For instance, the image in the above ad represents a black sheep in a herd of white sheep. It clearly describes the problem different knowledge seekers face whereby they get lost in the crowd of other people around them. However, Wiley offers the best solution for their problem as it helps them explore their potential. It can further help them to stand out from the rest. 

However, there is one thing that this image lacks and that is the sense of urgency that it could have created by giving a limited-time offer to its customers. It would have increased both the CTR (Click through Rate) and conversion rate.

Copy or ‘Text’ Should be Convincing and Easy to Read

The ad copy must be convincing and easy to read. The text “Stand out from the pack” goes perfectly well with the image. It also describes the purpose of the ad effectively. The size, font, and color of the text are also effective as they don’t blend in with the background. 

However, the other text that is written below it is“Turn your findings into an engaging video, infographic, or news story for sharing’. It could have been written in a more prominent font. Some people might not have found it easy to read. Even just the bolder version of the same font might have worked better.

Call-to-Action Must be Compelling

Call-to-action of a display ad is a basic factor but it plays a vital role in making the ad successful. In the above ad, the call-to-action is neither effective nor ineffective. It might have worked in a lot of cases because of the color that contrasts with the white background.

For instance, I also paused at this ad because I wanted to click on the ‘Learn More’ to explore what options it has for me. However, a picky audience might not have clicked it right away as it doesn’t create any sense of urgency. Moreover, it is not even compelling enough to hook the audience into the click. The ad could have performed better with an obligation-free trial, invitation for an in-person visit, price match guarantee, or any direct solution. So, why not just add a more striking or better call-to-action to increase the probability of success?

A Stellar Value Proposition Can Keep the Audience Engaged

A Google display ad with a stellar value proposition can help keep the audience engaged. It must be tied with a good cause or solution to the problem. In the ad above, the value proposition is tied with the pain point of knowledge seekers who want to reach their maximum potential. It understands that every individual needs education at each stage of their life.

For your information, the value proposition should also be straightforward, inspire curiosity, timely, include an offer, present a solution, and be easy to read. A good color choice would also be a plus point that can help the ad generate leads. 

The Logo Must be Consistent and Inspiring 

Another important factor that I think can help a lot of advertisers is the logo of the brand or company. In the above Google display ad, the logo is missing. The presence of a logo could have helped the ad do better than it did without it.

However, you should know that the logo must be consistent with the brand. It doesn’t leave any room for doubts or second guesses regarding the products or services which are being featured. This is so that the customers would know what the ad is about. Some advertisers also add logos of renowned publications in their ads to increase their credibility. It surely inspires the audience to click the ad.

In short, if you take a few crucial factors into account while designing the ad, you can go a long way in generating leads and conversion rates. On the other hand, if you fail to do so, you will hardly be able to make your audience pause for even a second to click on your ad.

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