Surfing the Google Display Ad Wave: A Deep Dive Into GEICO’s Multi-policy Discount

Hey there, digital marketers! Today, you will be catching a wave through the challenging world of Google Display Ads, with a GEICO riding shotgun. 

If you’ve spent enough time cruising the web, you’ve likely seen GEICO’s ad – a catchy one with the tagline “Combine, Auto, and Home.” This compact line gets paired with an irresistible hook: “You could save with a multi-policy discount.” 

Sounds enticing, right? 

Let’s have a look at it: 


There’s more beneath the surface of this good ad. Let’s first have a look at the thrilling side of it. 


The Thrills (Strengths)

First off, who doesn’t want to save money, right? The ad nails it with its value proposition, promising potential savings for customers who bundle their auto and home insurance policies. Righteous! It speaks directly to the consumer’s wallet – and let’s face it, everybody loves a good deal.

The tagline “Combine, Auto, and Home” is clear, concise, and straightforward. Even if you were multitasking, like sipping a killer smoothie while scrolling, you’d get the message at first glance. There’s need to wipe off those shades to comprehend it.

Plus, the use of GEICO’s branding is a tubular move. Their well-recognized logo and famous Gecko are right there, enhancing the ad’s credibility. It’s like spotting a dolphin in the surf – a familiar sight bringing a smile to your face.

Another wave you can’t miss is that ad includes a clear CTA: “Get a quote.” It is the perfect directive for viewers intrigued by the potential savings and wanting to take the next step. It’s like a surfer riding a perfect wave and smoothly transitioning into a thrilling maneuver.

Every surfer knows not every wave is a dream ride. So, let’s talk about some of the negative points of this ad.


The Wipeouts (Flaws)

Although the value proposition is clear, it’s somewhat vague. How much savings is it talking about? Five percent? Twenty percent? It’s like promising perfect waves but not knowing if they’re two-footers or gnarly six-footers.

Giving a specific percentage or range of savings, like “Save up to 25% when you bundle,” would make it even more enticing. It’s like knowing exactly how big that wave is before you catch it.

Lastly, there’s a glaring lack of personalization. In a world where everyone loves to see their unique surfing style, an ad that treats all Internet users alike can feel like a flat sea.

Another flaw is the lack of visual excitement. The ad could use a little more pizzazz – a vibrant image that pops up and grabs your attention to make you say, “Whoa, dude!” It should be like that epic wave that’s so jaw-dropping you can’t help but drop in and ride it all the way to the shore.


Riding the Perfect Wave: The Key Elements of Effective Ads

While the journey into the ocean of display ads has focused on GEICO’s ad, the principles explored can apply to any display ad. It’s all about catching the right wave, right? Let’s break down the essential elements for crafting a “perfect wave” display ad.

Clear and Compelling Value Proposition 

Just as every wave offers its unique ride, every product or service offers unique benefits. Ensure you communicate these benefits in your ad to capture viewers’ attention and interest. Make it compelling, just like a perfect barrel wave!

Concise and Straightforward Tagline 

As a surfer doesn’t have time to analyze a wave before riding it, web surfers don’t have time to interpret complex messages. A clear, concise tagline can effectively convey your message at a glance.

Strong Brand Recognition

Leverage your branding to enhance your ad’s credibility. It is like a surfer’s signature style on a wave – recognizable and instilling confidence.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) 

Direct the viewer’s next steps with a compelling CTA. It can significantly boost your ad’s click-through and conversion rates, just like a well-executed maneuver can make a surf ride truly epic.


Use your knowledge of different audience segments to create personalized ads. It’s like choosing the right board for the right wave – it can significantly enhance performance. Crafting different ads for different viewer groups can create a more personal and effective connection. 


Clearly state what viewers can expect from your offer. It can help to build trust and encourage action, just like a clear forecast helps surfers plan their rides. Clearly stating the potential benefit can make the offer more concrete and enticing. It gives the viewer a tangible number to consider and might just be the push they need.


The Final Ride: A New Dawn in Digital Marketing

Through the ebb and flow of digital marketing trends, Google Display Ads have stood the test of time, much like the enduring allure of surfing. Effective display ads, like GEICO’s multi-policy discount ad, can help businesses meaningfully connect with their audience.

Still, as you might have learned from your deep dive into this particular ad, there are always opportunities to improve, to catch bigger waves, and to ride them better. By incorporating these principles and lessons into your Google Display Ad strategy, you can enhance their effectiveness and drive better results.

Remember, digital marketing, much like surfing, isn’t about perfection. It’s about connecting, engaging, and making an impact. So, whether you’re crafting an ad or catching a wave, don’t be afraid to take risks, try new things, and above all, have fun because at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

So, here’s to catching the perfect wave – in the ocean and digital marketing – because whether you’re riding a surfboard or crafting a display ad, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a well-executed ride. Surf’s up, digital marketers! 

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