US Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending 2022

Digital advertising is constantly evolving. It is like a machine that works to optimize the digital campaign. It has transformed the way of buying and selling digital display ad space. There is no other area that could advance like programmatic advertising in these recent years.  

The US has experienced a significant increase in programmatic display advertising spending. The researchers predicted that 88% of the US digital display advertising would be done using programmatic channels by the end of 2021.

Marketers will continue to invest their money in programmatic digital display ads to survive in the new normal digital world. According to the research, US advertisers spent 41.5% more on programmatic digital display ads in 2021. It is the biggest increase from 2016 to 2021. However, the increase is expected to be 16.3% in 2022, according to the reports.

The shift in the programmatic landscape at the start of 2022 shows that the rest of the year will be the same. So marketers must be aware of the shifts to be able to tackle them effectively. The top noted shifts of a programmatic digital ad include: fragmented market, shifting away from walled gardens, and improving reporting & attribution.

 Why Are Marketers Shifting to Programmatic Digital Advertising?

 After analyzing the stats of programmatic digital ad spending, you should also be aware of the reasons marketers have for this rapid shift.


With programmatic digital advertising, brands won’t have to rely on a third party to run their campaigns. Moreover, the cost they will pay for their ads will be transparent. So, they will be clear about how and where their money is being spent.


Programmatic digital advertising allows marketers to reach their audience on multiple devices like tablets, computers, mobiles, laptops, and even TV. It is leaving other means of advertising behind because of the endless possibilities it offers to the marketers.

Data Privacy

Data privacy has been the major concern in digital advertising. When you use programmatic digital advertising, you won’t need the data of the user to run your ad successfully. You can get the leads without offending your target audience for being intrusive.


Programmatic digital advertising is a budget-friendly method that allows marketers to target their audience at the right time and place. So, they don’t have to waste their money on the users who are not interested in buying their products or services.


You can measure the performance of each ad in real-time with programmatic advertising. It will help you optimize your ad straight away to improve the results. You won’t even have to wait for the marketing agency to provide you with a report to optimize the ad campaign.

 Which Ones Are Go-To Programmatic Channels for Marketers?  

 With the increased use of smart devices, one can see how the growth in programmatic channels helps marketers to reach digital audiences.

Here are the two top programmatic channels mentioned.

 Programmatic Audio

It is a process similar to digital advertising which has converted the selling and buying of ads into audio content. If you want to use this channel to target your audience, you can buy the targeted ads from any major publisher in the system. It is a golden opportunity for the marketers to attract their audience in those moments which are screen-free in this highly mobile and connected consumer environment.

Connected TV (CTV)

Connected TV (CTV) is another programmatic channel that is growing quickly. It offers opportunities to the agencies to reach their customers and deliver great value. The cost of using this programmatic channel is also lower than using any other one like linear TV. The impressive increasing rate and high adoption rate of CTV is the cherry on the top.

 How Can You Succeed With Programmatic Advertising? 

 In 2022, programmatic digital ad spending increased, especially in the US. This is why you need the best tips and tricks to get used to the programmatic trends.

Encourage Customers to Test Tactics

You should encourage your customers to test tactics. However, they will have to go out of their comfort zone to try new formats and channels. You can then use the data to derive valuable results. It will also help give you a detailed insight into new digital strategies to determine whether they are working properly or not.

Streamline Programmatic Advertising

If you run campaigns from a single platform, it will become easier to execute your plan.  This way, you can optimize your campaign and fix the issues right away to get desirable results.

Multi-channel Advertising

Another best tip to tackle the rapid changes in the programmatic digital ad is by using multi-channel advertising. It will help you reach your customers through different forums.

Set Your Goal

Like any other type of digital advertising, you should also set goals for your programmatic advertising. You can use the existing data to have an awareness regarding the ad and build a strategy accordingly. It will help you determine both your short and long-term goals.

Keep the Human Touch in Mind

Even if programmatic advertising works through machines and algorithms, you must keep the human touch intact by hiring a skilled marketer for your campaign. Any renowned agency or marketer can help you optimize your buying plan to make programmatic advertising a beautiful combination of both human intervention and automation.

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