This Week In Digital Advertising Data (July 3rd, 2020): DV360 Takes 13% Of Ad Spend From Each Advertiser

Hello Everyone!

Let’s see what’s happened in the world of online advertising this past week:

Chiefmartec reports the marketing ecosystem expanded by around $120 billion over the past 10 years to a $300 billion total.

eMarketer forecasts Alibaba’s net ad revenues will grow by only 6.5%, this is because of the dramatic deceleration in its search ad business, which grew 41.2% last year but will grow only 8.9% this year.

According to two blog posts published by Google, there is a difference between the amount that DV360, Google Ad Manager, and Google Ads charge publishers as compared to advertisers; this is because Google charges advertisers on a CPC/CPA basis whereas it pays publishers on CPM and CPC basis.

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