This Week In Digital Advertising Data (July 23rd, 2021)

Let’s jump right into what this week’s numbers say about digital advertising, shall we?

  • According to eMarketer’s report, influencer marketing spending in the US is set to grow more than 30% this year exceeding $3 billion, and is expected to surpass the $4 billion next year.
  • eMarketer’s survey shows that 93% of US marketers are planning to use Instagram for influencer Marketing, while 68% are also planning on using TikTok.
  • Marketing Chart’s survey found that of 1,100 US adults interviewed, 45% had used a QR code related to marketing, advertising, or a promotional offer in the past three months, but the number scaled to 54% when they interviewed younger generations.
  • AdExchanger’s article explains that, even though CTV advertising is growing in popularity, its ad spend remains only about 10% of linear TV spend.
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