This Week in Digital Advertising Data (August 8th, 2020): Biden Plans $60M Digital Ad Buy

This week’s summary of what’s happening in e-commerce, as seen by the data:

  • The IAB released a data-filled report on the in-housing of programmatic ads. Interesting numbers include that programmatic will be 68% of worldwide digital ad spend this year; 85% in the US, and over 80% in most western European countries.

  • The same report reports that 21% of companies have moved programmatic ad buying fully in-house and 48% partially in-house.
  • Supermetrics summarizes the demographics and targeting data of different platforms, so you can know whom you’re targeting. Facebook’s audience is 54% female and 46% male, for example. 71% of the search market is through Google, and 65% of those surveyed prefer ads that “align with buyer intent.”
  • Biden will spend $60 million on digital advertising for the campaign. That spending will be concentrated in 15 states.
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