It’s Official: The Exact Match Conference Is Happening!

The PPC Club 83 community, over the last few years, has become such a wonderful space, with such constant conversations of high-quality, trusted people that we just enjoy discussing PPC & non-PPC issues as well as our weekly Alcohol & Advertising, that… We decided to have a conference! And to go all out: in an exotic location for maximal focus and a wonderful experience.

Client management lessons I learned from These Boots Are Made For Walking

It’s hard for me to find a 70s song that is both intensely fun and danceable, while not being as cliche and overused as Saturday Night Fever or Staying Alive. What song is at that perfect intersection of that Venn diagram, while also having possibly the most ’70s video of it ever? Nancy Sinatra’s–yes, daughter of Frank–These Boots Are Made For Walking.

Client management lessons I learned from Ground Control to Major Tom by David Bowie

Ground Control to Major Tom–a song I just can’t call by its official name “Space Oddity” because the key line in the chorus is too melded into my brain–is an emotionally powerful articulation of a risk of working with any professional: they may get so absorbed into their work that they’ll just vanish into space… and love it so much, never return.