YouTube Leading the Video Ad Market

As per Insider Intelligence’s forecast, YouTube will have more views than any other platform, that is, 231.5 million by the end of 2022. Netflix will rank second with 169.3 million views. Amazon Prime Video will rank in the third position as it will grab an audience of 152.6 million.

Disney+ will get the fifth spot on the chart, below Hulu, among other over-the-top platforms. According to the Walt Disney Corporation, Disney could capture 12.1 million subscribers worldwide in the last quarter of the company’s fiscal year 2022. But it missed its target of generating higher user revenue by $1 billion, as it could only achieve a revenue of $20.15 billion.

Meanwhile, YouTube “Premium” subscriptions have escalated in the past year. Now, the YouTube platform has introduced “Short” videos to connected TV to make the most out of the popular video format. It has significant potential to reach a larger audience and drive conversions.

According to Think with Google 2022, YouTube Ads with a strong call to action are 30% more likely to generate short-term sales. It also reported that 63% of people confirmed that they bought a product or service after watching the ad on YouTube. YouTube must test different advertisement video formats to see the most effective results. It can improve the chances of success even more.

Another exciting research by “Think with Google” shows that the ABCD (Attention, Branding, Connection, Direction) ad strategy of YouTube boosts short-term sales by 30%. At the same time, it results in an increased customer lifetime value by 17%.

How to Create the Best Video Ad for YouTube

If you want to use the leading video ad platform, that is, YouTube, you must know all the best tips or tricks to create video ads. And the good news is you won’t have to spend months or years learning to create a compelling video ad.

Even if you have never created a video ad before, a little guidance can take you toward success. Here are a few tips to help you create the best video ads for YouTube.

Define Your Goal and Metrics

First, you should have a specific goal that aligns with your company’s objectives. You can also divide the metrics into four main categories:

  • Audience
  • View rate
  • Conversions
  • Views and impressions

The audience’s category will track their engagement with the ad according to age, income, gender, marital status, etc. 

View rate will indicate if the content is interesting enough to engage the audience, while the conversion will help calculate the ROI of the brand. The views and impressions will tell about the percentage of the ad people view.

Custom Thumbnail Image

A thumbnail image will entice the viewer to click on the ad. It should also be readable for people using smartphones or other devices. If the image’s subject is a living creature, it should look directly into the camera. But if it consists of a product, the background must be good enough. It shouldn’t distract the viewer from the product. Also, the contrasting color combination should grab the larger audience’s attention.

Call to Action

The call to action must be compelling enough to hook the viewers and make them click on the ad. It can be linked with the URL of the landing page, career page, information page, product page, or whatever.

Negative Remarketing

If your target audience is new people who haven’t interacted with the ad before, use negative remarketing to restrict those who have already seen it.

Qualify Viewers

You can add a “Skip the ad” option for those not interested to see your ad. It won’t only help ensure that the ad doesn’t annoy anybody but also save you from paying extra for the clicks that only go to waste.

Longer Ads

Make the ad longer and add a message for those interested in watching it. You might also add special ad offers by the end of the video ad. In this case, people watching the ad will convert into leads, and you would only be paying for those leads who watch ads for at least 30 seconds.

Wrapping Up

The future of YouTube in the video ad market is quite bright. The stats show that it will lead with the maximum number of views by the end of 2022. The need of the hour is to use the best strategies to make the most out YouTube video ads.

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