Why hire a PPC anyway?

It happens in life that sometimes we are so involved in a situation that we are unable to think about it the same way a person from the outside would. It happens with work, it happens with relationships, it happens with school, and it happens with pretty much anything in life: so why wouldn’t it happen with our blog? 

By now, you probably are very aware of the fact that we are huge fans of PPC marketing and PPC experts, and if you are not then we’ll assume this is the first thing you’ve read from us, and say welcome! So while for the past months we’ve been going on and on about what to consider before hiring a PPC, the different PPCs that could fit your organization, how you should recruit them, and even how you should pay them, we’ve never stopped for a second to think about a very important matter: why would a company want to hire a PPC in the first place? 

So the thing is, from the very beginning, we’ve been talking about a bunch of stuff that comes right after making the decision of actually hiring a PPC specialist. And we’ve been leaving aside the fact that some people may not be so crazy about PPC, so will find absolutely no utility in figuring out what PPC has the best fit for them basically because they don’t even know what the utility of a PPC is in the first place. So, if you feel you can relate to all these, then this article is for you. So let’s jump right in and find out why to hire a PPC anyway! 

A professional in building and launching ad campaigns 

Even though a first basic approach to ad campaigns it’s something more than the majority of people can achieve, having an expert handling them can be a much more successful and powerful weapon. Basically, even if someone from your company who knows a thing or two about marketing can throw an ad, they probably are nothing compared to the guy who’s all about ads and will be able to design, target, launch, optimize, test, measure, and improve all your campaigns.  

The personalized attention of a PPC expert 

Of course, you could just go find a cool marketing agency that would do a fine job, launch a good enough display campaign, then send you the invoice and kiss you goodbye. However, there’s a big difference between hiring an agency and a PPC expert to do the job. Basically, even though both can be incredibly professional and experienced, having an employee right then and there with you doing the job is much better and more productive than going back and forth with an agency. So, if you are looking for a long-term PPC that dedicates its whole attention to your company, then you should definitely hire one just for your company. 

Using the data to improve your strategy 

A PPC specialist will not only be able to create awesome digital advertising campaigns, but they’ll also be able to measure their results. Basically, they’ll be able to see how effective their ads really were, and how to make them better in order to create growth and better results for your business. Reports and measurements are very important sources of knowledge for any company, but having someone in your team that’s actually capable of decodification and making something out of it is definitely an invaluable asset. 

Budget management 

Of course, every company should have someone prepared to figure and manage the budgets that they’ll dedicate to each specific area. However, ad spending can be a tricky business and complete chaos if it’s not handled by someone who actually knows the industry. You may be wasting a big portion of your ads, or you could improve your results incredibly by just spending a bit more, but no financial expert would know that because, obviously, they are not PPC experts. That’s why having someone in your team that is prepared to figure the ideal budget and optimize it is something that you should not pass by. 

A PPC can also help you get more conversions

Maybe you have awesome ads that are getting thousands of clicks, so they’re definitely making the most of your budget, but for some reason, most of the people that land on your website just won’t convert. This can be a very frustrating scenario, given that you invest a lot in ads, and that investment is maxed out, but you are not really getting any profit out of it. Most PPC experts are also experts in building successful landing pages (probably with very cool CTAs that will leave no room for users to not know what to do) that take your visitors right where they are supposed to be: your checkout page. 

An interesting tangent to go through here could be the threat of ad fraud and bots, which can get your CTR to really high numbers, but actually will get you no conversions at all. Lucky for you, a PPC expert will also know how to tell if that’s what is happening, how to fix it, and how to target the right (and real) audience for your ads. 

So basically, having your own company’s PPC expert can be a great addition to your strategy because they know the game, its insights, and how to win it. Of course, you should always consider a couple of factors before jumping in and hiring one, but hey, what’s this blog made of if it isn’t protips and aspects to think through when you are thinking of hiring a brand new PPC?

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