What Makes a Successful Google Display Ad?

Google display network (GDN) has become the largest advertising network available on the Internet today. There cannot be even a single person who doesn’t see various types of google display ads on the Internet unless he/she has been living under a rock for ages. A few days back, I also started noticing the increase in the number of Google ads I see on websites. The question that came into my mind was “What type of Google display ad usually grabs the attention of the people?”

There are various types and formats of Google display ads. Yet, the one I noticed while visiting the website “Pinkvilla” was a static display banner ad. Here is the picture of the ad I am talking about:

If I talk about the first impression of this ad, I believe that the color of the ad gave it a distinct look as I was able to see it separately from the page content. The blue color in the background of the ad was making it stand out from the rest of the page that was white. So, it made me stop for a while to see what it has for me. I have seen many other display ads that seem like a part of the content on the website page. It doesn’t only mislead the person but they might also lose interest in reading the content.

Moreover, it is hard to resist the temptation of adding too many colors and content in an ad. Yet, I think the color palette used for this ad is outstanding. The yellow shirt of the girl in the blue background isn’t only highlighting the lady but also the bowl in her hand she is displaying to the audience. Moreover, the white color of the font is also prominent.

One of the most important things while creating Google display ads is its size. Not everyone would know how to choose the right banner size to boost the effectiveness of the ad. However, this ad is one of the most common four sizes out of which 89% of all ad impressions are made up. It is a wide skyscraper banner with 160*600 dimensions. There is also a thin version of this size available with 120*600 dimensions but the former version usually performs better. It shows that the creator of the ad has invested his time in understanding the up-to-date statistics of the usage of the right size banner. The format of this ad works best for those who see it on the desktop. I believe that it doesn’t look as effective on the mobile as it does on the desktop.

Since I was visiting some other websites as well at the same time, I came across a lot of other ads that covered my content. I felt irritated and didn’t even feel like reading the content on that site. This is when I realize that website owners are responsible for choosing the right ad and its placement to ensure that it doesn’t piss off the visitor. So, I can say that the other best thing about this ad is that it is a standing side banner and it didn’t cover any content of the website. I was comfortably reading the content while at the same time, the ad served its purpose by grabbing my attention.

Moreover, display ads can yield 180 million impressions each month. But it depends upon the design of the ad whether it is going to get conversion after every click or not. Some people use text while others prefer to add images or videos in the display ad. According to my analysis, it is wise to use both text and image in the right proportion. If the image is big enough that it doesn’t leave any room for text, the ad might not look appealing to the visitor. The same goes when the ad is stuffed with text and there is hardly any space left for the image.

In this ad, there is the name of the service “Opa” at the top of the image. And the next highlighted text is “Healthy Frozen” which gives away the information about the type of products you can find at Opa. Within the same text, it also addresses the common concern people have related to their health nowadays. This is especially prevalent when it comes to choosing frozen food. Then, it has added the tagline “Convenience Every Time” as frozen items are supposed to add convenience to the busy lives of people. So, the overall text of the ad is short, clearly written, and easy to understand.

I also found the image appealing as it shows a few products in the image and a renowned celebrity holding a bowl full of fresh fruits and veggies. You can also see some pieces of fruits and veggies flying around the girl in the background. I think the creator should have made this imagery more prominent somehow. I wasn’t able to notice them at the first sight but later when I explored the website of “Opa”, it is when I got to know what it is exactly about.

I think this ad has also picked the right time to pop up on many websites. It is the winter season when almost everyone is looking forward to spending cozy days and nights under their blankets. The last thing anyone would want is to spend their entire winter cooking and cleaning dishes. It is when ‘healthy and frozen’ items came as a savior to add flavor and fun to your winter season. 

The last yet the best thing about the ad is that it has added a call to action (someone knows what users are looking for in a CTA). Most of the Google display ads we see don’t have this option. Viewers mostly don’t take action themselves after seeing a specific ad unless you ask them. So, it is wise to add “Shop Now”, “Read More”, or “Learn More” in your ad to tell your users what you exactly want them to do. However, it would have been even better if the ad had mentioned some promotional offers, sales, and discounts.

In short, I can say that this ad was quite effective as it made me click on it and explore the products further. It might have a few negative aspects but overall, I found the ad good enough to notice. 

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