We are proud of our Women in PPC Experts

This might be a shock for you but throughout the years, females have constantly had to fight for their spots in the work environment and the PPC world is not an exception. Over and over, we’ve had to make twice the effort men have ever had to just get to the same places. Even when we did get the jobs we deserved, people would ask questions like: Who did she know to get there? Isn’t she too sentimental to be here? Isn’t she supposed to be taking care of her children? Well, guess what, females have as much of a right as anyone to claim their place in the professional world. 

This is why, in celebration of Labor Women’s Day 2021, we want to make sure our very own Women in PPC know how proud we are to have them. Today we’ll be sharing with you what some of our experts are the proudest of, according to their individual interviews (because, you know, some of us do care about what they have to say). 

First of all, we’d like to introduce you to Priscilla Victorin, our first Woman in PPC interviewee. While she’s currently the Digital Marketing Expert in MKG Marketing, Priscilla began her PPC career when hired for an e-commerce specialist position for which she, in her own words, “had the exposure but not the expertise”. According to her interview, her proudest moment was 10 years later in that same company: 

“Fast forward to 10 years later, as the eCommerce marketing manager — it was actually a Google Shopping campaign that made me proud. I was able to almost double the ROI in under a month just by making a few changes to the structure. I was strutting into that particular monthly meeting like Beyoncé.”

Fantastic development on our Top #1 Slack Community chatter, we are proud of you Priscilla! 🌸



Secondly, we introduce you to Jessica Dee. Jessica is the Director of Paid Search at Reunion Marketing, an Automotive digital marketing agency. We find this PPC expert’s career in a male-dominated industry incredibly inspiring and would like to share her proudest moment with you: 

“The proudest moment of my PPC career was when I defied the odds despite what the Google reps, Google support, internal teams, and even my colleagues told me was impossible to accomplish. I wanted to incorporate dynamic feeds into display ads for the automotive vertical before it became an actual feature inside the platform. After working with a ‘genius’ of a developer to find ways to make it work and months of testing, we made it happen! This was a career rewarding highlight for me. Just when I thought I couldn’t beat that, months later my first official case study was published by Google. The study recognized the work my team and I accomplished and even made our strategy part of the official guidebook. Not to mention making us the only agency mentioned by Google in a strategy guidebook.”

Way to go Jessica opening up the Google official guidebook path for us, we congratulate you! 🌺



Now, straight from Colombia, please welcome Maria Jose Gomez from SMDigital Partners. Maria, who is actually a Fashion Design graduate and learned the ropes of PPC by, in her words, “lots of Youtube video tutorials, reading, and practice, practice, practice”, also shared with us her proudest moment: 

“I manage the biggest PPC account at the agency I work for, (A 6 figure number monthly budget) The first part of my proudest moment was seeing the considerable improvement in results, comparing the previous year data (managed by another agency) to the current year data (managed by me). And the second part was earning the best employee of the year award (being the youngest at the agency!).”

Thank you so much, Maria you are an amazing example for our young female PPCs to be! 🌷



Our next amazing expert is the superb CEO and Founder of Senior Care Clicks, Karina Tama. My favorite thing about Karina is that, in her interview, she settled this correlation between feeling powerful and getting educated to improve her professional life and I found that very inspiring. Hereby, I share with you Karina’s proudest moment: 

“I was hired for a person that had been doing his own Google ads campaigns and had mastered how to do it right. One day, this client called me because his goal was to get more leads, calls and to lower his cost per conversion. I accepted as I thought it would be easy, but to my surprise, he had been doing a great job so far. His campaigns didn’t have much room for improvement. I thought about it, and after working a lot of hours and paying attention to all the details, I was able to optimize it. I brought it to a super sweet spot. My client was paying Max CPC $50 and I brought the CPC down to $31,50. Also, he was getting more calls. He was super happy with my work, and as a result, he gave more projects to my agency.”

How fantastic it is to see passionate women work and grow in the professional area of their choice, we are proud of you Karina! 🌹



Next, we’d love to introduce you to someone who’s been in the industry a long time: Our very own 15-years-of-experience Tracy Valencia! After taking a year off from work to enjoy some quality time with her kids, Tracy came back stronger than ever. She began her career learning under Googlers who taught her the ins and outs of Google ads and hasn’t looked back ever since. Let’s see what her proudest moment is: 

“I guess it would have to be when the agency won 2 AZIMA awards for 2 different PPC clients that I work directly on in 2019–2020. Unfortunately with COVID, we did not get to attend an award banquet as we had in the past so I was a bit sad about that, but the recognition was enough.”

Working moms have always had a place in my heart, Tracy is a huge example of how women can grow professionally while still having a family/personal life of their own. Let’s hope that the award banquet happens soon, congratulations Tracy! 💐



To continue, we have Dani Martindale, Director of Digital Marketing at Mannix Marketing. Dani, who began her career as a one-woman marketing team, shares with us her proudest career moment: 

“My proudest moment thus far was winning the Best Interactive Marketing Award for the Health & Beauty Category for our client Eddy Senior Living. It was a team effort involving both SEO and PPC strategies. The result was a 27% increase in website traffic and an outstanding 1,248% increase in conversions, which translated into a 159% increase in sales/occupancy. It was an honor not only to win the award but more importantly, knowing that my efforts on their PPC campaigns made a huge difference for their business.” 🏵️

That’s an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations Dani, we are proud!



Now let me introduce Michelle Kop, our next amazing woman professional. Michelle is the founder of Level 28 Media and she confessed that her beginnings in the PPC Journey weren’t too much of a magical story. She had to figure it out and learn it on her own until, eventually, PPC grew on her. Here we share with you her proudest moment: 

“I’ve had many proud moments in my PPC career from SMB client success stories to identifying a gold mine of ad savings to re-invest on a Global Fortune 500 client. The one that stands out the most is definitely winning the Drum Search Awards for Best B2B Campaign in 2020 for Sage Accounting Software. It’s an industry-leading award like the “Oscars” of paid search and I’m so proud to be a part of the winning strategy.”

What an honor to have such a marketing star among us! Congratulations Michelle! 🌸



Now let’s introduce our next PPC expert, Christina de Leon, who found her passion for digital marketing working in a Kids Karate Studio while still in college. The PPC Department Manager of Digital Position shares with us her proudest moment: 

“I was tasked to expand a brand globally and worked closely with digital marketers from various countries to get keyword research off the ground and translate the ads into other languages! It was a very long, but extremely rewarding project that led to increasing the brand’s search presence and occupying top SERP real estate in over 85 countries.” 

What amazing work, Christina! We are very proud! 🌹



Please welcome our next amazing woman, Chrissy Holleman, the Marketing Director of Proclaim Interactive who first started her PPC career as a “one-woman-show-agency”. Hereby, we share with you her proudest moments: 

“Ha! Every day that I don’t accidentally spend 10x more than a client’s budget is a proud day! Just kidding, luckily we now have scripts and processes in place not to overspend (even though it does happen!) My proudest moments in PPC are when a client agrees to use tracking and listening to their calls. We report on the number of new customer calls vs existing customer calls. Providing reports that show outstanding NEW customer growth is the icing on the cake for me. It’s really validating and you glean so much information to help inform your next campaign.”

How motivating is it to have a proudest moment with the particularity that it can repeat itself many times? We should all aspire to feel like this about the product we offer. Way to go Chrissy! 🌺



Our final marvelous PPC expert started her path in the marketing world in 2003 and is now Director of Advertising at Juris Digital, please welcome Leann Pickard! Leann told us some very interesting facts about the evolution of marketing in the last decades and shared with us her thoughts on her proudest career moment: 

“Mmm. I don’t know if I have a defined “proudest moment”, I think I mostly enjoy the small wins that come steadily throughout each year. I am happy when we successfully generate leads for clients. It is a great feeling when my clients grow their revenue and I get to map out the data for them to show how we made it happen.”

What a great way to see it, we are very proud and happy for you Leann! 🌷



To conclude, I’d like to congratulate all our experts again (both in this article and in our whole community) on their everyday jobs and efforts. Being a female in the labor world these days is not the easiest thing, but examples like this inspire us and show us that the only way to go is up. I couldn’t be prouder of our PPCs here and all around the world, and I hope you all get the recognition you deserve. Happy Women’s Day and let’s keep moving!


As for you, PPC world, get ready, the ladies are coming and they are rocking the scene.

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