Twitch creates an Ad Incentive Program for its users

The estimate of digital ads revenue has always been uncertain. The advertising technologies have failed to provide reliable estimates of the income to the advertisers which they are going to earn by running ads on a specific platform. However, Twitch is one of those few platforms that has created an Ad Incentive Program for its users to add to their ease and convenience. It helps users make a lot of informed decisions by taking important aspects into account.

Twitch has mentioned the two most crucial reasons for giving predictability in the ads’ earnings. One of the reasons is that reliable monthly income is important for creators to keep them going. The other reason is that managing ads is such a hectic task that it takes the attention away from creating the content. The creators usually end up spending most of their time in ad management. However, Twitch has introduced an Ad Manager for the creators to enable them to set their ad schedule. This way, they can focus more on the ad copy and ad creative to create unique content.

How Does the ‘Incentive Offer’ of Twitch Work?

If you are one of the Affiliates and Select Partners of Twitch, an option of “Incentive Offer” will appear in the dashboard of your ad manager. If you accept the offer, you will get to see the detailed rate of the incentive offers in the next step. Twitch has specified the number of hours in its personalized offers for running different ads. If you are the creator of the ad, you will get the payment at the end of the month if you complete the hours. On the other hand, the platform will also get the benefit from it ultimately.

The personalized offers include the incentives of $100, $300, and $500. You will have to run 2 minutes of ad per hour and stream 40 hours a month to get the incentive of $100. For $300, you will be running the ad for 3 minutes per hour and stream 40 hours a month. Similarly, you will be receiving $500 at the end of the month if you run ad 5 minutes per hour and stream 40 hours a month. It depends upon you what incentive offer you choose as a creator for your advertising campaign.

Moreover, you will have a regular update on your account about the incentive offer you have picked and the progress to the goal you have made so far. It will also mention the number of remaining days in a month to help you have an estimate about the number of broadcast hours. It is also possible to opt-out of the offer anytime and get the allocated amount of the streamed hours.

How Does the ‘Ad Manager’ of Twitch Work?

The other feature it has introduced on the dashboard is the ‘Ad Manager’. It gives a proper ‘Ad Schedule Timeline with a 15-minute difference. You can set the time on the scale according to your preferences and requirements. There will be another option of “Ad Spacing” to help you decide how often you want to run the ad. The spacing between the ads will determine how many ads you are going to run in a month. It would further help you achieve the goal of an incentive offer.

Some critics stated that Twitch has put limitations on the earnings and the number of hours an ad will run on its platform. On the contrary, it has allowed its users to work for additional hours as well if they want to after completing their initial target. For every additional hour an ad runs, the creator will get the normal ad payout rate.

In short, the more you stream, the more you can earn. In addition to that, you would neither have to do any guesswork when it comes to monthly earnings from ads nor would you have to fiddle with ad timing. So, Twitch has made every creator free from any additional responsibility. Now, you can easily focus on working with the community the way you always wanted to without getting bothered by the income fluctuations.


The revenue estimates can only be attractive if they are accurate and guaranteed. Some services hesitate to give the estimate of great numbers to their users because they consider it unreliable. If the estimation or predictability of the earning from the ads will be based on shortcuts instead of facts, it would only turn out to be empty promises. This way, the platform would fail to build a trustworthy relationship with users.

According to the recent update of 2022, some Twitch users are complaining about not getting their payments on time even after completing the specific streaming hours. They have requested Twitch to look into this issue and fix it as soon as possible to be able to continue with the program. However, the bad reviews have affected the revenue of Twitch as some creators are now backing off from the incentive offers for the fear of losing their money.

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