This Week In Digital Advertising (September 10th, 2021)

So let’s see what this week’s data says about digital advertising, shall we?

  • eMarketer reports that, in the last year, Walmart has cornered more than 25% of the US grocery ecommerce market. They also explain that, in 2020, Walmart overtook Amazon in grocery ecommerce, when sales grew by more than 84%, to total $27.13 billion, while Amazon’s sales grew 63.1% in 2020, hitting $25.79 billion.
  • Marketing Charts study shows that, this year, 56.5% of ad impressions have been delivered via streaming sites.
  • According to Marketing Charts’ survey, since the start of the pandemic, consumer expectations regarding information and data security have grown by 90%.
  • AdExchanger’s article about System1, the Ad Tech Biz IPOing that will be launched later this year, the company is forecasting $120 million in billings in 2021, and its SPAC deal values the business at $1.4 billion.
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