This Week in Digital Advertising (December 17th, 2021)

Let’s jump in and see what this week’s numbers have to say about digital advertising, shall we?

  • AdExchanger’s article about startups taking advantage of the privacy and security tech boom explains that, in April, there were 207 privacy and security startups listed on Crunchbase, which together raised more than $3.5 billion in funding and that, by December, that number was up to 230.
  • Marketing Charts survey on brands with inclusive advertising reveals that half of the respondents ages 18-24 say they are much more likely (19.1%) or a little more likely (31.3%) to purchase brands with ads featuring someone from their identity group.
  • eMarketer’s report on social commerce shows that Facebook (34% of respondents) is the most used platform for social commerce, followed by Instagram (17%) and YouTube (16%).
  • eMarketer forecasts that, after a decade of unbelievable growth, e-Commerce in China will decline to 13%.
  • eMarketer reports that retail e-commerce sales in Western Europe will grow by 6.2% in 2022, nearing $660 billion.
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