This Week In Digital Advertising Data (September 2nd, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • On eMarketer latest forecasts for US digital ad spending across 10 industries (such as automotive, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, healthcare amongst others) we find that only one industry—retail—will exceed 23% growth in digital ad spending this year. However, most industries will still grow spending faster than they did in 2020.
  • In a report by PQ Media Product placement spending rebounded last year and is set for growth as opportunities proliferate across media and channels. Indeed PQ Media’s Global Product Placement Forecast 2022-2026 calls for even faster growth this year than last, with this year’s projected global total of $26.2 billion being more than double 2016’s amount.
  • Pew Research Center enters the fray with new data showing just how much teens’ preferences have changed in recent years. As we know, teens spend almost all of their time online. The share of teens using Instagram and Snapchat have both risen, from 52% to 62% and from 41% to 59%, respectively. YouTube, asked about this year, vaults to the top of the list, with 95% of teens reporting ever using it. Following the popular video platform is TikTok, used by 2 in 3 (67% of) US teens, putting TikTok ahead of both Instagram and Snapchat (as supported by other research among Gen Zers). The other platforms new to this survey are Twitch (used by 20% of teens), WhatsApp (17%) and Reddit (14%).


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