This Week in Digital Advertising Data (September 25th, 2020): Podcast Advertising Spend To Double

Let’s jump in!

  • Tik Tok lost $10m in revenue in August due to advertisers canceling due to the uncertainty of their situation.
  • 40% of consumers say they want ads to provide them an “escapism” from their current troubles, and 26% support ads showing their support for helping improve the crisis.
  • Youtube got 21% of all in-house OTT ad spend. Plus, as of August 19th, Paypal spent $150m on Youtube ads so far this year.
  • Out of Home (“OOH”) advertising was down 45% YOY. I’m shocked it’s only 45%, considering how most of the world has spent most of 2020 sitting in their houses. But it was still a $1.48 billion market in Q2.
  • 73% of “marketing decision makers” outsource their digital marketing and social media to agencies. And 55% with copywriting and design, 52% with public relations, and also 52% with media planning.
  • Programmatic ad spend will double this year, and grow from $31.3m to $106.5m by 2022.
  • Consumer electronics ad spending will increase 18% in 2020, while overall ad spending is increasing by 1.7%.
  • Digital ad spending in the UK will grow 0.3% in 2020 to £15.08 billion.
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