This Week in Digital Advertising Data: Scam Ads Now At 20% (22 May 2020)

Two noteworthy pieces of news this week:

  • Digiday reports that while scam ads are usually 5% of all online fraud, they now represent 20%. This is unlikely due to other types of fraud going down, but rather scam ads booming during the all-e-commerce-all-the-time era we’re now in.
  • IAS shared the results of a survey in which consumers revealed that they prefer targeted advertising based on: their purchase (35%) and browsing histories (34%), but not their demographic statuses, like life cycle (19%), or jobs (15%).
  • CheckPoint reports that more than 30k Coronavirus domains have been registered of which 131 (0.4%) are “malicious” and 2,777 (9%) are under investigation.



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