This Week In Digital Advertising Data (October 28th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • According to the latest report by VIOOH in partnership with MTM finds that advertisers and agencies in the US are expecting to boost their spending on both digital and programmatic OOH. Around 46% of the US advertising and agency executives surveyed for the report said they intend to plan, place or buy programmatic OOH in the next 12 months. This would make programmatic OOH even with digital OOH, for which 47% are intending to plan, place or buy in the next year. It is estimated that over the past 18 months, 56% of campaigns have included programmatic DOOH.
  • We all know there are increasingly more and more marketing technology solutions available to marketers, but are they actually of help? According to recent surveys suggest that for many, the technology is overwhelming, and too complex. Now, New research from Gartner indicates that marketing technology leaders aren’t leveraging anywhere near the breadth of capabilities offered by their tech stacks. From 324 martech leaders surveyed, the firm finds that respondents are using just 42% of the capabilities available.
  • On this very interesting article by eMarketer affiliate marketing is emerging as the “channel of channels” The benefits: it’s cost-effective, it’s multi-use and it’s meant to amplify. The shoppers who interacted with affiliate marketing converted 92% more than those who didn’t. They also generated 153% more revenues and a 36% higher average order value.


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