This Week in Digital Advertising Data (May 6th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • Intent data is a dataset that shows what an individual is interested in and, therefore, what they are likely to do, say or buy next. Notably, it seems that there will be more marketers out there seeking the right technology for this one. A slight majority plan to up their intent data budget by up to 10% (42%) . Intent data solutions represented the fastest-growing marketing technology category. According to the Ascend2 survey, intent data it is best for delivering targeted ad content (52%).
  • It has been a year since Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency update dramatically changed mobile advertising, and now the industry is beginning to stabilize and mobile ad spending is on the rise, says a report from AppsFlyer. Some numbers now include: 46% of users across all app categories consented to tracking, 80% of all iOS apps have implemented the tracking pop-up, with gaming apps leading at 91%.
  • On Monday, Twitter accepted a bid from Elon Musk to buy the platform for about $44 billion. One of the things Musk likes about Twitter is that it enables him to talk directly to his 88 million followers, but apart from that, according to eMarketer’s forecast,  Twitter’s US ad revenues per user are expected to rise 41.6% from $53.63 in 2022 to $75.98 in two years.
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