This Week in Digital Advertising Data (May 27th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?


  • Did you know about 27.1 million Americans moved last year? Past research has shown that people going through life changes make attractive targets for marketers, so it’s interesting to see new research from V12 and Ascend2 delving into mover marketing adoption and tactics. This report is based on a survey which indicates that some organizations have mover marketing programs in place. 28% indicated that they have a strategy in place and that it is measurable. Mover Marketing Users are quite confident in its impact: 54% rate mover marketing a top-3 box score (on a 10-point scale) in terms of its impact on their overall marketing performance. This impact is most commonly enjoyed in the area of customer acquisition (43%), per adopters, with many also seeing an impact on customer retention (41%) and customer experience (39%).
  • On the Spicy side: according to The Drum,  Twitter has been hit with a $150m fine after federal officials declared that the company had broken a 2011 agreement not to utilize personal information to target advertisements. Prosecutors state that over 140 million Twitter users unwittingly handed over personal information in this way. Let’s not forget also Twitter has been recently taken over with a high-profile $44bn by entrepreneur Elon Musk – a deal now in doubt as an audit of bot accounts takes place.
  • Podcast audiences continue to expand in the US. Recognizing this opportunity, advertising are pouring more dollars into podcast ads, with recent data indicating that podcast ad spend surged by 55.1% year-over-year in 2021. Although podcast ad spend growth is expected to be cut in half this year, it is still projected to rise by a considerable 28.6% while sustaining a similar increase in 2023 (27.2%). By the end of 2024, eMarketer expects podcast advertising to be an almost $2.6 billion market.
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