This Week in Digital Advertising Data (May 13th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • According to some research by Engine Insights, “about three-quarters of American adults either strongly (28%) or somewhat (45%) agree that brands should include female empowerment/feminism in their advertising (…) with a resounding 84% agreeing to some extent with this sentiment.”
  • New data confirms that digital media continue to be the main beneficiaries of budget expectations for 2022. Leading the rankings for budget increases this year is social media, with almost one-fifth (19%) expecting a 50%+ increase, and an additional almost-half (46%) planning an increase of 0-49%.
  • The cookieless future: marketers are homing in on first-party data to target consumers. 36% of marketing professionals around the world expect that customer purchase history will be their most valuable source of data once third-party cookies are gone. In the meantime, 32% see social media profiles as key, and 31% plan to rely on website registrations. You can find out more in this article by eMarketer.



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