This Week in Digital Advertising Data (March 19th, 2021)

Let’s see what happened this week in–surprise, surprise!–online advertising data:

  • According to AdExchanger, “As of January, just 40% of brands said they are prepared for privacy laws and changes to third-party identifiers compared to 86% of ad tech vendors and 70% of publishers, according to research released by the IAB last week.”
  • AdExchanger also tells us about DoubleVerify, “Gross revenue in 2020 was $244 million, a 34% increase from 2019 revenue of $183 million. The company’s 2018 revenue meanwhile was $104 million, reflecting a 75% increase from 2018 to 2019.”
  • In 2020, “Polar saw revenue increase by 93% for its publisher solutions and 331% for its programmatic buy-side tools.”
  • 20% of CMOs say they track customer lifetime value well, and 66% of CMOs track CLV by using the revenue per user.
  • Non-feed ad placements for Facebook ads are plummeting: “In Q4 2019, the largest share of non-feed Facebook ad spend was allocated to either the right-hand column (2.2%) or in-stream video (2%). However, one year later, the share of ad spend dedicated for both the right-hand column and in-stream video dropped to 0.4% and 1%, respectively. Indeed, along with Facebook Stories, the right-hand column accounted for the smallest share of Facebook ad spend in Q4 2020. In the meantime, investment in Marketplace ads increased in Q4 2020, accounting for 2.7% of total Facebook ad spend, up from 1.9% in Q4 2019.”
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