This Week in Digital Advertising Data (March 12th, 2021)

Let’s jump into this week!

  • The AP was able to reduce the number of SSPs it works with by 50%, leading to an 80% increase in header bidding revenue and a 500% uptick in monthly video revenue.”
  • Podcasts are expected to make $1 billion in advertising revenue in 2021.
  • 49% of digital advertising professionals say the biggest challenge in 2021 they face is 3rd party cookie deprecation.
  • Digital video advertising will have a 3.6% inflation rate this year.
  • Comparing articles/posts with varying word counts, SEMrush found that content with more than 7,000 words received an average of 302 unique page views. This is a far higher average count than shorter content with 300-600 words (59 unique page views), 1,201-1,500 words (93) or 5,001-7000 words (188). Indeed, there appears to be a strong correlation between word count and page views.”
  • PPCs using Google Discovery campaigns increased by 73% over 2020.
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